Ring, The Easter Egg - Deadly Tape

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the main menu screen the cursor will disappear. Hit select. It will start showing the tape that is killing everyone from begining to end, uncut.

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Contributed By: Dayle on 04-12-2004
Reviewed By: Jabberwocky
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salomeuk writes:
What's really creepy is that you can't quit once it starts...on my DVD player the only way to get out of it was to open the drawer. Pause, stop, shuttle etc are all disabled. Even switching the power off, next time I turned the player on, the "tape" carried on from the same point. Plus, when you get to the end of viewing the "tape", it seems to take you back to the menu screen. In fact, you will notice there is no cursor visable at this point - because we are not really back at the menu! After a few seconds.....a telehone rings. I'm glad I knew it was going to happen because otherwise I'd have jumped out of my skin! Once they've finished trying to make us jump, we really get taken back to the menu! ;o)
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Carnage writes:
Oh god! That is so cool!! If you play it with surround sound, the phone rings in the rear speakers to give you that added brain tweaker and make you thing it's not coming from the TV. Hmm... Seven days to live now... What to do, what to do...
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Becky writes:
I remember when I first saw that film. Nothing really scares me (my mum had me watching the exorcist and freddy at the tender age of 7) but when I saw this film it frightened the hell out of me. Im talking nightmares for weeks. When I got the dvd I decided to pluck up the courage and watch it again. I was fine the second time until I found an easter egg (the video- i didnt know what easter eggs were at the time)not only did it freeze my entire dvd player (none of the buttons on my remote worked) but i couldnt even turn the power off. I had to physically unplug my dvd player. I wont ever watch the dvd again and i think its an evil easter egg!!!
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I watched this with my mates at a sleepover. We watched the movie o and were scared enough by that. But my friend noticed the cursor wasn't on the menu screen. We decided to press play and suddenly static came on the screen. Everyone got up and buried there heads in their covers or sleeping bags while I was desperately trying to return to the menu! In the end I got up and unplugged the xbox (we were watching it on my xbox). And we all looked at each other and threw the DVD into the other room. After a while we started laughing about it.
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5hun03 writes:
Well I didn't see the Japanese version but I think the movie would be scarier in Japanese. Japanese horror movies in Japanese with Asian actors just gives it a better effect. I think it's because Japan has such a long history, unlike America which only has... 200 years? Also in Japan belief in the supernatural is accepted by more people. Anyways, to The Ring, would the ring apply to the ring of dead people?
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paulski writes:
One of the best eggs I've seen on a DVD. I'm glad I was tipped off about it at the time!!
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Tayla writes:
the japanesse version is 'The Ringu' and in English it only has subtitles as it was never dubbed or put onto dvd. All Japanese horros have the same "vilian", a girl with long black hair. The girls with long black hair are like the warewolfs/vampires in US and Europe.
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daunrealist writes:
Hassan, are you talking about the telephone ring? If you are, that's not why it's called, "The Ring."
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hassan writes:
Is this the Japanese version or the english version? If this is the english version shame on you! Watch the japanese one. For all the youngsters, it will take a while for you to understand what the ring means. Its not a visual ring like you see in the american version
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