Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Easter Egg - The Two Towers "Wilhelm"

In the movie go to the Helm's Deep section. I do not know the specific time or chapter for VHS or DVD but it occurs right around the part where the Orcs begin to scale the walls of the fortress. When the Orcs get to the top watch for the first person to be flung over the wall (I believe it is one of the Elf archers). An Orc picks him, and throws him over the front wall. There is a clear shot of this happening, and as he is thrown, you should hear a sort-of high-pitched scream coming from him.

The sound that you hear is referred to by sound editors as the "Wilhelm". I listened to a radio show that talked about this sound file. The origin of the sound itself is somewhat unknown, though it is done by a male (the person's name is unknown) and may have been recorded in a movie all the way back in the 30's or 40's. The amazing part about this sound file is that it seems many sound editors for movies try to sneak this sound into films.

The Two Towers is not the only film has that has used this sound. It is also used in Star Wars: Episode IV (there is already an egg listed for that). The radio show also said it was in Raiders of the Lost Ark but I can't remember where they said it was (you're welcome to find that one on your own). The fun part about this is that there are many films out there that probably have this sound file hidden in there somewhere.

And if it was used in The Two Towers, then it was also probably used in The Fellowship of the Ring. Happy hunting on that.

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Jesse writes:
Ralph Brooke was the name of the Wilhelm screamer. It was in a 1953 film titled 'Charge at Feather River'.
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Zane100 writes:
I have found the full skinny on the Wilhelm Scream!! A guy by the name of Pablo Hidalgo has put together a compulation of Screams and a history of the Wilhelm Scream plus a list of other movies it is heard in. Here is the first bit of the story. There comes a time when you experience a pain so great or a shock so intense, that you simply must drop all pretense of machismo and let out a high-pitched yelp. And thanks to Ben Burtt and many of the sound artists that followed in his steps, we all know what that sounds like. Enter the Wilhelm, an inimitable cry of pain and alarm that has graced some of the biggest movies of all time. And to think, it all started with a hapless cowboy who thought to take time to fill his pipe when in the midst of enemy territory. To see the rest, copy and paste this link in your browser, enjoy! http://cgi.theforce.net/theforce/tfn.cgi?storyID=5312
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The "Willhelm scream" is on chapter 19 at 1 hour 4 minutes and 45 seconds(of the special extended version. It won't be the same on the regular version). And he is actually being hit by an arrow, not being thrown off.
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The Wilhelm scream was recorded for "Distant Drums" in 1951, for a man being bitten by an alligator and dragged underwater. It was used for several natives being shot earlier in the film as well. "Charge at Feather River" came later. Ralph Brooke played Pvt. Wilhelm, and the scream was used for his character getting an arrow in the leg - but it was not his actual scream. Ben Burtt, the Star Wars Sound Designer, named the scream after the character... and has used it as a "sound signature." A small group of sound editors, including myself, Richard Anderson, Mark Mangini, Chris Boyes (who worked on the Lord of the Rings films), and a few others continue to use it as well. I have a growing list of Wilhelm appearances on my website: http://www.HollywoodLostAndFound.net/wilhelm - take a look! - Steve Lee
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Qtyled writes:
Here is a list of all of the films that have featured the wilhelm scream (including Star Wars, Indiana Jones and LOTR): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_using_the_Wilhelm_scream
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Joce writes:
Info on the Wilhelm can be found here:
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Nugz writes:
Here is a compilaton of all or at least most of the Wilhelm Screams on film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdbYsoEasio
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