Tomb Raider: Angle of Darkness Easter Egg - Dagger of Xian

Dagger of Xian is the item on which whole story of Tomb Raider 2 revole around.It`s make second apperance in Tomb Raider 3 (as an easter egg) and now it`s make third apperance here in TR:AOD. Here is the way to get it:

1:Start the level "Aquatic Research Area".
2:Go through the level until Lara change her clothes.
3:Now go back to the main hall.
4:Go toward the underwater area where you pulled the first lever but don`t dive into the water.
5:Enter the door there and keep walking until you reache the end of the room.
6:Dive into the water.
7:Swim under the water and through the big opened door.
8:Don`t swim through the open door in front of you.
9:Turn left and swim toward the pipes.
10:After you reached to the pipes "Roll" Lara.
11:You will see a stair and on it`s left side you will see a wall with lights on it.
12:Swim toward that wall and use it.
13:Lara will perform the moonsault like move on it and the wall will be pushed inside.
14:Go through the opened wall and swim toward the surface.
15:Climb the ladder.
16:Now push the block(wall) in front of you.
17:Until it push no-more.
18:Look at your left.
19:*SURPRISE* You will now see a glass box with "Dagger of Xian" in it and with two spot light spotting on it.

NOTE:You must change Lara clothes first otherwise she will not push the wall.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-23-2004
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Special Requirements: PS2 or PC version of TR:AOD
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Ed writes:
when you say use it does t mean use the action button on it? i did that but nothing happened
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