Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Easter Egg - Hidden Mickeys and a Special Moon

There are two hidden mickeys that I've seen in the film, and I am pretty sure they are true ones.

The first can be found near the end of the movie, when Capt. Barbossa orders his crew to "take a walk". When the camera cuts to showing the exit of the cave, as well as the Dauntless; the clouds move away from the moon to let out full moonlight. The mickey can be found in the clouds to the lower left. It seems pretty substantial but hidden if you're not looking (if I'm remembering correctly).

The second is after Jack and Will break the curse of the Aztec gold. It cuts to the now-mortal pirate crew fighting aboard the Dauntless, realizing what has happened. When the pirates look up and the camera shows the moon, if you look on the upper right side of the moon; three of the moon's craters make a mickey shape.

Thirdly, I *think* there is a mickey formed in the beginning after the various criminals escape the prison hold, and it shows a cannon discharging - the smoke makes a mickey shape... but I'm not sure. Can anyone verify?

Also - if you notice, the moon remains full throughout the entire movie. :) They must get a lot of moonlight down in the Caribbean.

Hope this helped.


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Contributed By: Tasuki on 01-09-2004
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Special Requirements: Sharp eyes
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potc cave pic
potc cave pic

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megan writes:
I can confirm the cannon discharge hidden Mickey. I have played it frame by frame, paused it, and watched it regularly many times and it is extremely obvious that it is a true hidden Mickey!
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will2k123 writes:
I can't see the hidden mickey in the cave pic. Outline please?
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