Clone High Easter Egg - Rock Opera? Try: Egg Opera!

I have spotted 7 Eggs in this episode.

All eggs but one are about one frame long, so they are difficult to spot without a player that can go frame by frame.

#1. At the start of the episode, we see a spoof of the MGM logo with Abe's head instead of a lion. Right as Abe finishes growling, it will change to a picture of DNA Dan standing next to an old style record player saying "Let's Go To The Darkside!"

#2. In the van, Cleo says "What's it gonna be Abe? What's it gonna be?" And we go to a commerical. As we return from the commerical, we see the Clone High logo. About a second after it first appears, the picture of a cartoon raisin character smoking a person rolled up in a joint will flash on screen

#3. At the PTA meeting, Ghandi's foster mother will say "In an unrelated story he's been missing for 4 days", then Scudworth yells "People!" And the camera will switch to a view of Scudworth walking in front of the crowd, then he'll roll the R on 'Raisins' and the camera will switch to a close-up of his face. As it does, a picture with Scudworth drawn in a style different than Clone High's (Looney Toons perhaps) with a signboard that reads "Scudworth is your favorite character!" will flash on screen.

#4. After the PTA meeting we see Abe and Cleo sitting on the roof. Cleo says "It's like the quote-unquote civilized world doesnt understand us..." Around the beginning of the word 'understand', Cleo and Abe will become naked for a frame.

#5. After JFK crashes through the skylight of the PTA, he begins foaming at the mouth and babbling incoherantly. If you play the sound backwards, you'll find he's saying: "I am talking backwards and telling you (pause) to watch Clone High (pause) and for us to get an Emmy (pause) I'm saying that backwards! (pause) Because it's sneaky!"

#6. After Abe meets the original Abe Lincoln, and the original one begins to sign "My Son! My Son!" Joan's head flies at the screen singing "Aaayaaayyaabe!" On the second "ayyy", she is replaced by a drawing of The Virgin Mary, with a star in back of her. Perhaps this is enchancing the Jesus Christ: Superstar reference.

#7. At the end of the episode, Larry Hardcore says "it was all in your heads!" Then the camera pans upward and Ghandi flies overhead with the dragon. The dragon winks, as he does, the words "For More information on raisins, please consult your local library" flash on screen.

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Contributed By: Koncur on 12-15-2003
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Special Requirements: A recorded version of the episode: Episode 8. "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts", and some means of stopping on a percise frame (a good player or fast reflexes), a means of reversing the sound for Egg#5
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DNA Dan wants you to go to the darkside! smoking raisin Scudworth is your favorite character!!!
DNA Dan wants you to go to the darkside! smoking raisin Scudworth is your favorite character!!!
nude frame Virgin Mary Joan I buried ponce
nude frame Virgin Mary Joan I buried ponce

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Jus-10 writes:
If you go to It shows you all the Eggs and you can also hear the backwards JFK message!! LETS ALL GO TO THE DARKSIDE!!!!!!! and SCUDWORTH IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!!!!!!
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me132 writes:
Also, when they are smoking raisins in JFK's van, I think it is Cleo who takes a puff of the raisin joint and for a brief moment the cloud of smoke she blows spells out "SEX".
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jooma writes:
You forgot about the "I Buried Ponce" egg when JFK is singing. It's right after the girl signs his cast.
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