Top Gun Easter Egg - Goose's Name

There are a few times you can catch Goose's "civilian" name, but it is never spoken. First place you can look is on the side of the F-14 that Maverick and Goose fly in, stenciled directly below Goose's seat is "Goose" and under that is his name. Second time is right after Goose dies and Maverick goes to visit Goose's wife (Meg Ryan), on the table is the name patch from Goose's flight suit. The third time you can see his name is very difficult, it is towards the end of the film when Maverick is holding Goose's dogtags before throwing them in the ocean, if you have the DVD you can use the zoom feature and you can make out his name, but I suspect it is a little harder if you don't already know it.

Have you looked yet? What is his name?

-Nick Bradshaw

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Contributed By: hardcoreharry on 11-20-2003
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Special Requirements: Top Gun video or DVD
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mh53eflyguy writes:
Goose's replacement at the end of the film is a cameo of sorts as well. The WSO is none other than Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption). You can get a better look at him at the end when they are all celebrating on the flight deck (which would never happen during Flight Ops on a carrier) Addtionally, F-14's cannot take off from CAT 3 on a Nimitz-class carrier, the wings would hit the side of the carrier after the round down. Also, collared shirts are not otherized in flight suits. All the actor's haircuts were WAY out of Navy regs...I can go on but I'd run out of room. Since I joined the Navy I no longer enjoy this movie...
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General writes:
Regulations have changed since the filming of "Top Gun." Collared shirts on flights suits were allowed back in the 80s as the flight suit was not considered a uniform. I wore them all the time. The carrier used in the film was ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) a hybrid, but with a similar angled deck (8.5deg) as NIMITZ. F-14s can and did use CAT 3 on Nimitz class carriers, just as long as the outboard panel on JBD #2 was down. The {sic} round down is the aft end of the landing area also known as the ramp. Back then many guys had hair that long, including beards for non-Flight Crew. I've been flying(off and on) and on active duty since 1980, including three cruises on NIMITZ.
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