Dungeon Siege Easter Egg - The Chicken Run

For those that have played Dungeon Siege, they know that it involves killing lots of monsters. The creators also added a secret level where the player can hunt down chickens. It is in the Utrean Penninsula map on multiplayer. The last town (Grescal) is surrounded by a desert called the endless dunes. If you wander around in it forever you will find a lift with a legion guard. (It is much easier just to download the Reaper's Start Location Mod and start from the Forgotten Mesa.) The guard wont let you up unless you have some items to give him. You need the newbie knife that you start the SP game with, the eye of the fury that you find in the SP crystal caverns, the trial of gallus book that you find in the magical place at the end, and all eight townstones. Give em' all to the guard and he'll let you up. You'll need a fairly high level character to kill the chickens. When they die they deal out some nice booty, and if you kill the boss at the end you get a gun that shoots chickens. The chickens also all have the names of the game designers. The boss chicken that shoots lightning at you is named Chris Taylor, the lead designer.

Quite interesting....

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Goggen writes:
Actually, your procedure isn't correct. Here it goes: You need the Fury's Eye (SP), the newbie knife (SP/MP) and the book The Trial of Gallus (MP). (The Trial of Gallus, though, is in the dungeon you find *after* you've got all eight stones and placed them at their correct locations in the second-final town.) Then, from the third-last town, head towards the broken bridge several townspeople mention (alternately, head towards this town from Crystwind, I think, and it'll be on the path). There is a dragon there you should kill. Once you get to the cliff face behind it with all three items in your inventory, the wall will open up. Then, just take the elevators up to three pressure pads; here, throw the items on their corresponding pads (the order is written in the book, encrypted in poetry). An elevator will arrive, taking you up to an Indiana Jones leap of faith style thing, as you have to walk on thin air. Following the path, you find yourself in the chicken level, where there are about twenty super-powerful chickens, one super-super-powerful Chris Taylor, and the old geezer Colonel Norick (presumably back from the dead from the beginning of the SP campaign). All enemies here drop unbelievable amounts of *really* good equipment.
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