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Jamie Griesemer, is a level designer for Halo, (he's now the lead level designer for Halo 2). Jamie's girlfriend is Meg Pallor. Meg Pallor used to work for Bungie until they no longer needed her. One time on a discussion board, someone asked Meg if they found all the eggs in Halo. Meg answered:

"No one has found my egg yet."

That's when the search was on. Over 4 months of searching went into finding this egg. A name was given to this egg. The name for this egg is: "Megg." This name is quite appropriate because it's a combination of the name "Meg" and the word "egg".

Over time, Meg gave clues that didn't exactly help much with the finding of the egg. Here are some clues she gave:

*It contains blood and gore*

*There’s a series of triggers*

*It might make you scream*

*Look up into the sky*

*You die when you see it*

*One maker*

*Impossible proved possible*

*The difficulty does matter*

And a few more, but I forget all the clues.

She also said Bungie doesn't know anything about it. Jamie put the egg in the game and only showed Meg. Meg also told some Bungie members about it, but they didn't see it.

Jamie also goes on as "Flawless Cowboy" on discussion boards. There's also a section called "Flawless Cowboy" on the level "Halo." People searched there for months until Meg finally told them it wasn't on the level "Halo" at all.

Finally, some time around April, the megg was found. Meg Pallor even confirmed it. I tried and it's awesome! I personally think it's one of the best eggs out there. I'll now share with you how to find the megg:

1. Start a new game or continue an old game.

2. Choose the first level "The Pillar of Autumn".

3. Choose the hardest difficulty, "Legendary." You must be play on "Legendary" to view the Megg.

4. Skip the first cinematic if you want. You could just watch the whole thing through.

5. When the level starts, you'll find yourself outside of your cryo tube. The Marine will shout, "Come on, let's get out of here!" Ignore him. Don't worry; he'll remain in the same position if you don't walk up to him. Now turn around and jump on to the cryo tube you just got out of.

6. Walk to the top of the cryo tube and turn a little to your right until the shield tester comes into view. Jump off the cryo tube and land on top of the shield tester.

7. From the top of the shield tester jump on to the walkway.

8. Move left, and walk all the way down the walkway until you come to the wall.

9. From the walkway jump on to the yellow cylinder. This yellow cylinder triggers the megg. You must get on top of this cylinder to see it.

10. Now jump off the cylinder and run up to marine. He'll shout "This way!" Now continue to play through the level like you normally would, until you get to the Bridge.

11. When you're on the Bridge walk up to Captain Keys and a cinematic will come up. You can skip the cinematic or you can just watch the whole thing through. When the cinematic is over, Captain Keys will give you a pistol. Once you have it, run back to the entrance of the bridge. You'll pick some ammo. The next step is optional, so you can skip it and go to 13.

12. (Optional) Exit the Bridge and kill the three grunts standing outside of the Bridge. Once you do so, run into the entrance of the lounge and you'll pick up an Assault Rifle.

13. Go back inside the Bridge and shoot a Marine or Captain Keys. Cortana will come on the intercom and say, "What are you doing? Cortana to backup, the Master Chief has gone rampage! Take him down boys!" Normally, a whole bunch of INVULNERABLE MARINES will run into the Bridge from a room you can't get into, and all the door wills will lock shut! Then you'll basically be killed. The reason for this is because it’s supposed to stop you from continuing the game. If you did, it would ruin some plot points. But Jamie took advantage of these invulnerable marines. Listen carefully to these next steps.

14. If you jumped on the yellow cylinder at the beginning of the level, and did everything correctly, this egg should work. As soon Cortana comes on the intercom, immediately run into the hallway of entrance of the Bridge. The Marines will run out of the door to the right of the entrance. Make sure you see the Marines run through the door without them seeing you. If you don't look at them, they'll stand in the entrance of door until you walk up to them. This happened to me many times.

15. Just remain in the entrance to the Bridge. You'll be hidden from the invulnerable marines for a while. If you just remain here for 10 seconds, the Marines will say, "Where'd he go?" And they'll search the around Bridge, looking for you.

16. When that happens, immediately run really fast to the room where the invulnerable marines came. There should only be about 1 marine blocking the doorway. If you did this whole thing correctly, the door to the room should be open! Hurry and run through.

17. Now you're in the room I like to call: "The Megg Room!" Don't worry; you're safe in here. The invulnerable marines won't follow in here. Walk to the end of the room and look on the ceiling. There's the Megg! You'll see a giant blob of blood stained on the ceiling and you'll see bullet holes shot in the blob of blood. The blood actually forms a heart, and the bullet holes form the letter M. The M stands for Meg.

That's the great Megg! Here's how the clues work:

*It contains blood and gore* - That was a true fact. The blood on the ceiling and the invulnerable marines killing you.

*There’s a series of triggers* - This was also a true fact. The yellow cylinder, killing Captain Keys or a Marine, and the timing of getting into the Megg Room.

*It might make you scream* - She meant it might make you scream in excitement, or relief.

*Look up into the sky* - It was some sort of lyric from Kiss. Look into the sky was a hint to look up on the ceiling.

*You die when you see it* - It's was a tribute to the movie The Ring. Basically, when you see it, you're going to have to exit the Megg Room and the invulnerable marines will kill you.

*One maker* - Jamie is the one maker of the Megg.

*Impossible proved possible* - The fact of getting past the invulnerable marines and getting into the Megg Room, looks impossible at first, but it really is possible.

*The difficulty does matter* - A true fact, you had to be on Legendary.

I guess I explained everything. Okay that's all for now.

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Contributed By: Boneho Chane on 07-18-2003
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Special Requirements: Halo on Xbox
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Pictures and Videos

Once inside the secret room, you'll find the Megg on the roof. Halo Megg Halo Megg Large
Once inside the secret room, you'll find the Megg on the roof. Halo Megg Halo Megg Large

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Chris writes:
can you explain number 14 a little more? where exactly do you hide from the marines?
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Boneho Chane writes:
Okay Chris I'll try explaining a little better. You know the spot where you first obtain the pistol ammo? Go there. Just stay there until you think the marines aren't blocking the door any more. If the marines find you where you're hiding, race for the door as fast as you can. It's almost all about luck! Here's an good video that does an excellent job explaining how to do this. http://haloib.com/index/tricks/display/76 If that doesn't help, here's some more ways many people find useful: -You can find a pit with a ladder behind where Keyes always stands. Drop down here and hide. When the marines least expect it, climb back up and race for the door. If the marines know you're hiding in the pit, just wait there and they'll eventually walk to another spot on the bridge. -Don't hide at all, and try jumping over the marines when they're gathered in the doorway. If worst comes to worst, run for your life and hope to god you don't die.
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
NRB writes:
One of the clues from Meg should read "Look up to the skies and see...". This is a lyric from "Bohemian Rhapsody", by Queen, not KISS. The clue refers to the fact that you look up to see the Megg.
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
cybordemon writes:
Yeah... I tried this and could never get it to work. I am probably doing it wrong. By the way. You said it was a tribute to the movie The Ring... Funny thing about that. Halo came out like a year and a half before The Ring came out, wasn't much of a tribute now was it?!?
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Boneho Chane writes:
Her HINT was tribute to the ring, demon! The hint came out after The Ring came out!
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
jezzzzka writes:
hey well, the ring was actually based off of an old japanese film called ringu.. http://www.dvdmaniacs.net/Reviews/Q-T/ring.html which was made in 1998.. halo was sold in 2001.... so there
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
David writes:
I tried this using the PC version and found nothing in the megg room.
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
DemonEyes53 writes:
I did this on Halo PC and it worked fine for me. Maybe you didn't do something right.
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Please dont follow the steps in this walkthrough. They will not trigger the egg no matter how much ou try. Please read the faq by me (D>*^3-D^*
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
dragoner 23 writes:
A better place to hide from the marines is the bottom of the ladder at the bridge. I tried it and it worked the first time i did it. The downside is that you have to charge through the entire bridge full of marines.
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Z3771CK writes:
If marines get in your way, meleeing will move them. If you are taking alot of damage, marines will sometimes stumble when punched, causing them to lose aim or sometimes even stop firing!
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No

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