Enter The Matrix Easter Egg - Secret Codes Hidden in the Guidebook

I was flipping through the guidebook and I noticed several out of place letters, highlighted letters, and numbers that didn't really match anything. Well they all mean something. ome you have to put together in order of how they appear, and some words you have to decode, which I don't completely understand yet.

These secrets are meant to help you in the Hacking portion of the game, so first you have to understand HOW to input the codes, but you already have the guidebook if this egg matters to you so yu can read the how-to in there.

I havn't completely figured them ALL out yet but I will tell you what I know so far so you guys can mull over it with me.

First I will tell you t hidden message and then the page it can be found on.

Call Persephone- p. 26
Free mind- p. 20
unlock secret level page one seven 9- p. 35
(p.179- 8 13D2C77F 2 8 0 5)
inFinite Focus page one seventy four- p. 71
(p.174- 69E5D9E4)
infinite ammo page one hundred twenty one- p. 91
(p.121- E4 ?????)
speedy logos page one seventy two- p. 103
Infinite health page fifty- p. 138
(p.50- 7F4DF451)

And now the tough part. The last section of the book is written in code for the important parts.. I just got the book this morning so I havn't decoded everything yet, but here is what I am working with...

On p. 135 I saw that JCGRKYHH7PMT7NHW means FIRST AID KIT.
On p. 175 I saw that JBHSRPTE means NIOBE and ECEPCRGI means GHOST

Alright thats all I got for now, help me out with the decoding if you can, or on how to enter all of those hacking codes that were hidden in the book too.

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Contributed By: Not the One, just Another One on 07-16-2003
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shuichi writes:
sorry this won't help much, but i think 7 is a space. like, "a penny saved" would be something like r7asdfj7dsfxc" plz figure it out soon! Good luck
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xensyria writes:
There are three main types of Easter Egg in this guide book: Highlighted Letter Messages (which normally point to Cheat Codes); Cheat Codes (which can be entered into CHEAT.EXE) Encoded Words (which can be decoded with DECODE.EXE) A couple of the Highlighted Letter Messages (on pages 91 and 103) were mistakes, with the real code being on a different page, explaining why Highlighted Letters p. 26: Call Persephone (see p. 20 for her Phone Number) p. 28: FREEMIND (enter at Login for Morpheus' message) p. 35: Unlock Secret Level Page One Seven 9 (see Cheat Code on p. 179) p. 71: Infinite Focus Page Seventy Four (see Cheat Code on p. 74) p. 91: Infinite Ammo Page One Hundred Twenty One (MISTAKE: see Cheat Code on p. 120) p. 103: Speedy Logos Page One Seventy Two (MISTAKE: see Cheat Code on p. 167) p. 138: Infinite Health Page Fifty (see Cheat Code on p. 50) p. 156: All Guns Page 9 (see Cheat Code on p. 9) Cheat Codes p. 9: 0034AFFF (All Guns) p. 50: 7F4DF451 (Infinite Health) p. 74: 69E5D9E4 (Infinite Focus) p. 120: 1DDF2556 (Infinite Ammo) p. 167: 7867F443 (Speedy Logos) p. 179: 13D2C77F (Unlock Secret Level) also included in the text of p. 178 p. 192: FFFFFFF1 (Invisibility Cheat) Encoded Words Most of these words are in the Glitches section on pp. 174-178 or encoded from the standard words on the mission boxes (just compare to the previous or next mission to see what the word is), the exceptions are: Front Cover: Take Your Game Further p. 20: Phone Number p. 135: First Aid Kit p. 173: Congratulations Back Cover: Swordplay Many versions of Enter the Matrix can't decode these, but all the codes can be decoded at http://math.utoledo.edu/~dgajews/Matrix/Matrix.php Also, the code on p. 78 is another mistake. It should be IAGUGXODXLATI (Objectives)
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