Carnivores: Cityscape Easter Egg - Elevator to Hell

There is a secret elevator shaft to hell in the first Human City mission.

1) From the start of the level, go up the ramp and turn right.
2) Follow the street, go underneath the elevated train tracks, down into a tunnel and out into another large area with a statue in the middle.
3) On your right is a hole in the ground that leads to the subway station. Go down into the subway station.
4) On your right, behind the pillars, should be a door. When you approach it, it will bust open and a dinosaur inside will attack you.
5) Once this dinosaur is killed, you can go into the small room that he was hiding inside, but the second door inside is locked. Turn around and look back out into the station. On the wall across from you you'll see a small grate near the bottom. Shoot it to unlock the secret door.
6) You might want to put on God mode before jumping down the elevator shaft, as it's a long way and you'll probably be killed. There is a miniature "Hell" at the bottom complete with lava and stuff. It's very odd.

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Contributed By: Spamtrap on 07-03-2003
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