Clone High Easter Egg - The "Nipple-Slip" That Wasn't

Im trying to avoid any spoilers...

In the last scene, Abe, Cleo, Ghandi and a parade of Prom-goers burst into Joan of Arc's room. Joan quickly pulls the covers of the bed she's in over her naked chest.

Now this is pretty hard, took me about 30 tries to see what I thought I saw. It's about one frame long. But if you pull stop it at just the right time (right after it switches from Abe, Ghandi and Cleo's faces), you will see written on Joan's breasts, in the place of nipples are "NICE" and "TRY".

When I finally saw this I was laughing so hard, the animators set that up for geeks (like me) with no girlfriends and too much time on thier hands.

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Contributed By: Koncur on 06-18-2003
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Recorded version of "Episode 1x13 Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale", either a player that can go frame by frame or extreemely fast reflexes
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joans nips
joans nips

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