Twisted Metal: Black Easter Egg - Minion's Secret Message

First, you must make sure you have unlocked Minion. To do this you have to beat the game with every character including the hidden ones (Yellow Jacket, Warthog, Axel, and Manslaughter). When this is done you will see a movie of the destroyed pieces of Minion coming back together confirming that he is unlocked.

Now start a new single player game using Minion for your character (BTW, you can use the circle button to zoom in on the drivers' faces while you're selecting them and Minion's is interesting). During the beginning of each level there will be a loading screen with a bunch of numbers on it (all of the other characters have words instead). If you translate these numbers using the system of A=1, B=2, C=3 etc. you can translate hidden messages. This can be done for every level.

Also, I found it interesting that for the last level his message is something like: In the real world my name is Marcus Kane. This is most likely a reference to the character named Marcus Kane who drives the car "Roadkill" in Twisted Metal 2. In Roadkill's ending movie, when you beat the game with him, he wakes up from a coma to realize that the entire time he was dreaming (this probably has something to do with the "in the real world" part of Minion's message).

And, in the original Twisted Metal game the drivers of the cars "Yellow Jacket" and "Sweet Tooth" are driven by characters named Charlie Kane and Needles Kane. In the original Twisted Metal, Charlie and Needles are related to each other but I don't know if this has anything to do with Marcus Kane (I just thought I'd throw that last part in, incase anybody else has some input on this).

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Contributed By: Cheese Boy on 05-15-2003
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Special Requirements: a PS2 and a copy of Twisted Metal: Black
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skyNET writes:
Also Charlie Kane is Needles/Marcus Kane's brother. And they are Calypso's children along with Grasshopper from TM2. Heck Marcus could be Grasshopper too, now that I think about it! The fact that the entire TM series is going on inside the mind of Marcus Kane is almost blatantly stated in TM2 as well. I think the whole family dynamic probably points to whatever it was that made Marcus snap and become "Needles". My guess is that growing up, his father possibly abandoned him (vies-a-vies The Grasshopper character story; she was abandoned by her father who turns out to be calypso, then the bomb planted in her blows up and kills them both a la daddy-issues.) He developed anger issues and resentment, and eventually the pressures of everyday life led him to poverty and failure; he just snapped. (hence the whole Calypso=dad translates to "be perfect to gain my love and respect and maybe I'll come back someday=enter an automotive death tourney and win to get your true wish".) Really the TM tourney is his psychological perception of hunting and killing his victims as the ice-cream truck driving serial killer with a clown mask, Sweet Tooth. He somehow thinks that when he gets to the end, he will get his one wish, revenge on his father for what he did. Once again this is also semi-parallel with Grasshopper's TM2 ending. The Minion dynamic is hard to understand at first. In all the TM series up until Black , he's a demon. Minion is whats left of the voice of reason trying to make sense of whats going on. Minion is seen by the Needles persona as the "demon" that needs to be killed, which represents that persona's failure to comprehend reality and the urge to kill everything that is in his way.
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RetroBerrii writes:
TM:Black takes place in an alternate reality inside Needles'(Sweet Tooth's) head. Needles is the alter ego of Marcus Kane and a murderous maniac. They are the same peron.
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aj writes:
did you know that in twisted metal head on it reveals that needles Kane is Marcus Kane and that when they are separated they form tower tooth
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Actually yellow jacket and sweet tooth are related, the fathers name is kaye. In one of minion's messages he says something about sweet tooth and that he fells like is not real or something like that. So in reference sweet tooth dark tooth yellow jacket and minion are all a family of killers!!
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Flash writes:
If you have beat Twisted Metal:Black and have a saved data on your memory card, play War Of The Monsters. Having the Twisted Metal:Black data unlocks a secret character in it.
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