Star Trek: The Next Generation Easter Egg - 47

The number 47 features heavily in the Star Trek universe. Allow me to explain; Joe Menosky, one of the writers on Star Trek, is a graduate of Pomona College, where a Mathematics Professor once came up with the theory that 47 was a very important number. I won't go into too much detail here, instead I have provided links at the bottom of the egg for you to read more about this strange "47 Phenomenon" yourself!

I warn you - know that I am telling you about this egg it will change Star Trek for you forever! You will not be able to watch an episode without looking for the egg, and you will feel a great sense of satisfaction when you spot it, because you know that you know the secret of 47.

Every* episode of Star Trek the next Generation features a number 47. It sounds unbelievable, but it's true. The 47 is sometimes spoken; "Shields down to 47%", sometimes written; "Tactical Analysis 47 Delta" and sometimes very subtle; "Apartment 4G", but it's there. And now that you know about it you won’t be able to help yourself from looking for it.

This egg is in my opinion one of the best ever, I would love to know what other people think. But just to clear up any doubt, here are some resources that will back up my claim, and provide some very interesting reading on the whole 47 phenomenon!

This page is taken from Pomona College's website:

This page is dedicated to the 47's of Star Trek:

This page contains a list of 47's in Star Trek the Next Generation:

*The number 47 only appears in episodes contained in seasons 4 through 7 (yet another 47!), and also features in Deep Space 9, and Voyager.

Happy "47" watching,
Nick Lee.

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Star Trek (2009) - Sectore 47 shipyards.
Star Trek (2009) - Sectore 47 shipyards.

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the47thdrum writes:
This is quite insane, but about two yrs ago I started exagerating things by saying the number 47...I'm not sure why but I don't watch star trek so I know it didn't come from that. I was saying it so much w/out thinking that my g/f eventually got annoyed. Then I noticed that everything I saw on tv or heard seemed to be the number 47...By this time I was very intrigued. So, I looked into it and was floored when I noticed how much attention this number was getting..Now I am a true believer that it is much more than coincidence...If you read this and have not yet realized the proportion of the number "no pun" you may want to consider making it your new favorite digits..Hope I didn't bore anyone w/ my rambling.....If anyone else has done this unintentionally...I would love to hear from you...
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