Tomb Raider 2 Easter Egg - Throw Guns at Butler or Other People

1. Walk to an edge ( you must walk over 3 steps forward or it won't work) where a person is under you. (an example is the level with the swinging box.)
2. Focus on the person, by using the grenade gun. if you don't have that gun, follow the "skip level" instructions, only backflip instead of jump forward at the end.
3. Press ESC and select pistols.
4. Lara should aim with the pistols. then she SHOULD throw the grenade gun down at the man exploding him and ever thing around him.
5. Lara will then laugh. After she laughs you will know your trick is done.
6. *note* you can only do this once per game
7. *note* try this trick on a hole with spikes in it. it will send the spikes flying in the air, so watch out, but it makes a virtually non-dangerous hole. in one level there is a dragon (secret) in one of the holes.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-12-1999
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For a less painful way to get your dragon, try climbing on the lift and up the ladder on the wall behind it to get to a secret area, then holding the walk button so as not to cut yourself on the spikes. Just call the lift then wait until it's below floor level before jumping onto the top. Does it work on PlayStation?
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matt b writes:
I don't see how you can throw a gun at the butler, seeing as you have no guns on the training level. The level with the swinging box is Opera House. Sorry about picking holes in the egg.
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Miss Natla writes:
That never worked for me: how is it possible to aim at someone directly below you? The floor is in the way!
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