Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Easter Egg - The Final Resting Place of the Ark

Remeber "Raiders of the lost Ark"? the scene on the ship where the crate that contains the Ark has its nazi symbol burned off by the er... Divine power of the Ark?(if not goood excuse to watch the film again, its near the end btw)
Anyway in the training mission just after you pickup the explosives check out the back of the truck nearby (you will need to use the noclip cheat to get the best look activate using :+set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 and dont forget to quicksave and then reload in order to activate the cheats). Recognise the crate?

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Contributed By: Dan Roberts on 03-26-2003
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Special Requirements: MoH:allied Assault
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Crackers writes:
Although the resemblance is striking, I'm afraid that this probably has more to do with localization. Having worked for game companies in the past, I've seen the TOUGH guidelines for publishing a title in other countries -- called localization. Since in Germany, for example, a person can actually be jailed for including Nazi symbolism in a product, the German version of a game will have all such graphics blurred or significantly altered. The training mission probably didn't get localized (since it is not a vital part of the game's story-line), and therefore has the burnt-looking Nazi emblem in all of the versions. Crackers
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bbgun writes:
how do you activate or get cheat mode? have you got to have a special programme or can u just use ~ if so where do you use it in the game.. ie: main menu, in game..
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Lupin-III writes:
Good theory, Crackers, but they wouldn't go through the trouble of localizing it in the way you think they would. They would more than likely just replace the texture and repack the files to change every instance of the texture in the game at once. It's extremely unlikely that they would go through every level and change the texture on each crate individually. Besides, 2015 Inc is an American company, they wouldn't design the game first for German censorship, then localize it for everyone else. Also, the crate is located in the back of an American truck. I'm pretty sure this is an Easter Egg and not a localization goof.
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