Die Another Day Easter Egg - 4 Eggs from the New Bond (Spoilers!)

I saw this movie the day it came out and just happend to see these. Here goes:

1. In the movie, when bond goes underground and is talking to Q, there are several things from different Bond movies. All I could see are as follows:
Bell Jet Pack (Thunderball)
Bond turns it on
Poison-Tipped Shoes(From Russia with Love)
Bond looks at it
Oddjob's Hat (Goldfinger)
Over Q's shoulder when he makes the
comback to the smarter than you look
2. On the plane after he gets his martini, Bond reads a magazine which has an article about Frost. At the bottom in large bold black letters is a quote. One of the only parts you can read says "Diamonds are forever,..."(of course a previous Bond movie) This is funny because the whole idea of a satelite that reflects and concentrates the Sun's rays was first used in Diamonds are Forever.

Three and Four are in the Simulation

3. The whole simulation sequence is almost exactly the King's Ransom (level two) level of The World is Not Enough video game (N64). It is almost exaclty the same in that the terrorists wear the same outfits, come from the ceiling and windows and you have to save M when she is held hostage.

4. At the beginning of the same sequence, when Bond walks out of his office. On the back wall of his office there is a black and white photo. This is a picture from the start of the Thomas Crowne Affair. It shows Crowne's ship being knocked into the water. Both Crowne and Bond are played by Pierce Brosnan

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Contributed By: webhead89 on 12-23-2002
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Also, that bit in the simulation where Bond is cleaning his gun, he is in his office. That is about the only time we have ever seen his office since On Her Majesty's Secret Service, so this in itself is a reference. There is a lot more information on one of the special features, I think it's called 'MI6 Datastream', where bubbles appear on screen with stuff about the movie. ---King Me the Great
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Also when bond is in the old subway station with Q, when bond is checking out the jetpack and the 'tipped' shoes, if you on the wall in the backround behind bond after he turns on the jetpack, you can see an alligator on the wall. This is the motorized alligator that bond (Roger Moore) used as a disguise in 'Octopussy' (1983) in that lake surrounding octopussy's mansion.
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fozzybear writes:
is it just me, or should they have put more eggs in this horrenously dissapointing film?
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photoman writes:
Thats all anyone could find? Theres near 100 or more eastereggs in the film
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