Signing of the Declaration of Independence Easter Egg - John Adams Vs. Thomas Jefferson... Round 1

First you need to obtain a copy of the Signing od the Declaration of Independence. If you look closely at the lower right-hand corner of the painting you will notice that John Adams is standing proudly with his foot ON TOP OF Thomas Jefferson's! The reason is that because of their constant fueding, John Adams offered the painter a bribe to paint his foot on top of Jefferson's to get the better of him.

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Contributed By: kdupuis77 on 12-23-2002
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Special Requirements: A picture of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence
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The painting
The painting

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LL writes:
ummm... it looks the other way around. The way I see it, it is TJ standing on John Adams foot. But you might have seen a different version of the painting. But I did run a websearch on the whol John Adams bribing the artist thing, that's true.
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its too shadowy in that corner to tell whos foot is on whos. the best i can see of what looks like someones foot atop anothers is in front of the table just under the green table cloth. i dont know whos who but it sorta looks like the tall guy in the red vest is standing on the guy with his hand on his hip. please include a picture with the outline of where i could find what youre talking about.
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Tolken writes:
First of all, this painting was created quite some times after both Adams and Jefferson had died and has nothing to do with their feuds. Second of all this painting in it's entirety is a fictions representation of history, the Continental Congress was not as peaceful and dignified as they look in the painting.
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