Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Easter Egg - Many Easter Eggs

When ever Sly and Bentley communicate through the binocucom, use the left analog-stick to move Bently's head, and use the right analog-stick to move Sly's head.

Unlock the first original ending sequence by successfully completing the game. Watch when Sly starts thanking his best buddies. When Sly thanks his good friend, Bentley, you'll see Bentley sitting at a desk with a computer behind him. Look closely at the computer screen. On the screen is a picture of one of the people who made the game.

Go to the level "All the way to the top",(the level where you climb the neon lights on the sign the says "Muggshot") Graffiti can be found through out this level. Most of the graffiti are the creator's initials. According to an interview with the creator of Sly Cooper in the Official Playstation Magazine December 2002 issue, he says that, on this level, in some of the graffiti, can be found a picture of another game created by Sucker Punch.

If you successfully beat the game, wait after the credits. You'll be back at the hideout and Bentley will say "We got a video clip from my friend over in Japan...and guess what! It's all about us!" After that you'll receive the Japanese version of the opening sequence. It's really neat. The artwork is totally different!

You can also receive commercials, outtakes for the commercials, and an alternate ending.

That's all the eastereggs I know. I hope you enjoy them.

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Contributed By: Boneho Chane on 12-06-2002
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Special Requirements: Sly Cooper and a playstation2.
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Boneho Chane writes:
I have found some locations where you can see the character from Sucker Punch's other game, "Rocket: Robot on Wheels". This link is a picture of what you be looking for: On the "All the Way to the Top", once you climb across the neon-lighted letters, and climbed to the top of the tower which falls and gets you access to a higher level, go to the left. Walk in front of the huge wall which you later break into bits of pieces. Take out your binoculars and zoom in on the graffiti. Take a close look and you'll notice the picture in the link above. On another level, (it's a sidescrolling Muggshot level where you must run across balconies), there is a hidden fountain area that you can reach using a ladder on one of the lower balconies. Be sure to keep an eye out for it. Once you're at the fountain area, take out your binoculars and zoom on the wall directly behind the ladder and you'll notice the same picture. These are the only locations I found.
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