Somewhere in Time (Iron Maiden) Easter Egg - A Very Boring Painting

There are so many here I doubt I can list all of them. There are a lot of images that refer to older Iron Maiden songs
The street sign is "Acaci.." reference to 22 Acacia Avenue
There is a winged man burning, Flight of Icarus
Long Beach Arena, location of LIve After Death Recording
The time is 23:58, or 2 Minutes to Midnight
The club where they first performed "Ruskin Arms is in the lower left corner
On overpass there is a sign for Ancient Mariner Seafood Restaurant for Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
Building on left side has "Aces High Bar" on the top for song "Aces High"
Sand Dune nightclub is a reference to Powerslave
The movie theater is showing "Live After Death"
Charlotte the Harlot can be seen above Ruskin Arms
Phantom Opera House is in the back for Phantom of the Opera
On the large glass in the bottom center is written backwards "This is a very boring painting"

I'm sure there are more too.

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Special Requirements: The Somewhere in Time Album
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Somewhere in Time....
Somewhere in Time....

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eddie writes:
This is a great painting full of eggs. The hand in the lower right corner is the same as the hand in the trooper. Beside Eddie's left shoulder you can see people scaling a walkway, this occured in the 2 minutes to midnight video. The band is painted on the back cover. Bruce is holding a brain. (Piece of Mind) Nicko is wearing a flight jacket and goggles. ( he is a pilot) On the very left of the back cover is the Rainbow and Ruskin Arms. This is a sideview of the backdrop for the Killers album. On the roof of Ruskin Arms is a blue time travel booth (Dr. Who) It is also featured on the Wasted Years single cover. The Sand Dune grill (IMHO) is not a tip to Powerslave, it is a tip to the song "To Tame A Land" which is written about the book Dune. Three pyramids are on the back cover. (Powerslave) Right under the pyramids is a building with Tyrell Corp on the sign. (Blade Runner) Right above the band, written on the building is "Maggie's Revenge" This is a reference to the singles "Sanctuary" and "Women In Uniform" Sanctuary shows Eddie with a Bloody Knife over a Dead Margaret Thatcher. The picture was banned, and the artist painted "Women In Uniform" with Eddie coming down the road with two women. Margaret Thatcher waits around the corner with a machine gun. "Maggie's Revenge" In the "Sanctuary" painting she was ripping down a poster of the first album cover. In "Women in Uniform" she was standing in front of the same poster waiting with the gun. Half of the poster is right under the Acacia Avenue sign with "Eddie Live" written across it. The Trooper hand is in the same place Thatcher was standing. To the left of Maggie's Revenge are two screw heads in an oval. These can be seen on every Eddie since the Piece of Mind album cover. Right above the screws, Batman can be seen. An egyptian eye is above Eddie's left shoulder. (Powerslave) On the side walk between Eddie's legs is a cat with a halo. A cat is seen in a window on the Killers album cover, and a cat with a halo is in the crowd on the Run To The Hills cover. A partial hidden Eddie can be seen in the clouds. The moon is his eye, the space in the clouds is the eye socket, the clouds around it resemble the upper lip muscles. A grim reaper can be seen on the back cover. This is a recurring image on many Maiden drawings. An old fighter plane (Aces High) is flying over the Aces High Bar
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piranha writes:
And it is not finished yet ! You can also find interesting paintings in the Powerslave album cover. I think the most ridiculous is the declaration "Indiana Jones was here" you can find on the wall at the left side. There are other inscriptions on the walls but I am not able to understand to which they refer. Another album with interesting references is "Live after death": on the back cover you can find some strange declarations on the tombstones and there is also the same cat indicated before in the "Somewhere in time cover". But the most interesting reference to Somewhere in time I found lies written in the DARK AVENGER virus. If you (carefully) open the file with a program like the PC TOOLS or the Norton editor you can find some text strings. There is a "Diana P.", a "This program was written in the city of Sofia (c) Dark Avenger" and the surprising "Eddie lives ..... somewhere in time !".
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bomber rules writes:
You can also se the Tardis (Doctor Who's time travel machine). I'm sure it is. If you look to the far left just above the rainbow sign, you can see it!
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Mortimer writes:
I want to add a few more eggs... - Above the Tyrell Corp. sign in the middle of the back is painted DEKKERS DEPARTMENT STORES -- Rick Deckard is the main character in Blade Runner (played by Harrison Ford), sounds similar - Bradbury Towers (Building in the center of whole cover - front and back) named after Ray Bradbury a famous sci-fi novelist. The building also appeared in the Blade Runner movie - J.F. Sebastian used to live in there - Philip K. Dick Cinema (left of middle in the lower back) P. K. Dick wrote the original novel Blade Runner is based upon - and died just before they completed the movie... - Right of the cinema is a sign for Sanctuary Music Shop - "Sanctuary" - Just below the pyramids is the Asimov Foundation located - Isaac Asimoc, a famous sci-fi novelist wrote a trilogy named "Foundation" -
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Larabi writes:
in eddie's chest you can find the same logo that appears in almost every maiden cover or song art (lines and circles). I never got to know what it means. perhaps it's just derek riggs signature (i thought that because, for example on fear of the dark cover you can't find it, and that eddie was not painted by riggs)...anyway I never managed to find it on no prayer for the who knows????
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There's a light shadow of Death on the right side of the smallest pyramid on the back.
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Lord House writes:
Take a look at the street name Acacia Avenue.It refers to the song from Number of the beast. Notice that Iron Maiden also are West Ham fans.(Look above the clock under the pyramid).The pyramid is also seen on the Powerslave cover.
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Andrew writes:
I'd just like to point out that above the member with the red shirts heaf it say Ancient Mariner Seafood Restaraunt. A reference to Rime Of The Ancient Mariner off the Powerslave album. Can't believe nobody said anything about it.
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Leef writes:
Every single part of the cover relates to something Maiden. Probably the coolest cover every.
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IC writes:
I think I've found one, namely, that there's written "SYNCON" to the left of "Long beach arena", on the top of a building, and also below the moon next to the Egyptian eye, and also to the right of Eddie. I don't know what it means just thought it's interesting..
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SamuelDeLuce writes:
The Symbol on his chest as someone above me was asking about is the artist's signature. The circle represents a BACKWARDS 'D' on the LEFT side and the other side is the 'R' representing Derek Riggs. A lot of artists like to hide their signature sometimes, that's his way of doing it; it's sometimes a "Hide and Seek" type of thing
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xymir writes:
I don't know if this has been mentioned, but the Enterprise from Star Trek can also be seen in the back in front of the front small pyramid.
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Clansman writes:
Upton Park street sign refers to West Hams ground. The Mekon lives in L.A. - The Mekon was Dan Dares arch enemy from the old Eagle comics
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SamuelDeLuce writes:
Anyone out there know where to get this poster ?? THE ENTIRE poster not the one that just features Eddie, but the ENTIRE drawing that includes the band and all the little easter eggs. Someone help a fellow Maiden fan out, PLEASE !! I'm dying to have this poster
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