Cossacks-European Wars Easter Egg - Hidden Map Maker

When at the main menu of Cossacks-European Wars hold down ctrl and press intro. A small box will appear in the middle of the screen saying"loading" and then a map creator will load.
The map editor is written in Russian so I have included what all the words mean:
With almost the entire map editor in Russian, few english speaking people can understand it. This make the map editor virtually impossible to fully utilize. These Russian words/phrases are the most commonly used words in the editor, translated into English. Please note: my english keyboard is unable to type out certain letters in the Russian alphabet. These Russian words were typed out using the closest english letters, so Russian speaking people most likely will not be able to understand them.

Roerpat r Menio= Return to Menu
Coxpanntb r Kapty= Save As
Earpyentb Kapty= Save Game
Horar Kapta= N/A
Onunn= Settings
Otmena= Cancel
Aa= Ok
Coxpanntb= Save

Keyboard Actions

With most of the map editor actions only accessable by keyboard, it is vital to know which keys do what.

Esc= Unselect
F2= Set Terrain
F3= Edit Elevation
F4= Mineral Placer
F5= Farm Placer
F8= Plant Life Placer
F12= Game Menu
Ctrl R= Scenary DLL Path
Ctrl I= Computer Info?
Ctrl S= AI Parameters
Ctrl G= Grids
Ctrl M= Random Map Settings
W= Peace Mode
R= Set Resources
U= Game Menu 1
I= Game Menu 2
P= Select Units to be Placed
S= Unblocking
F= Turn On/Off Fog of War
C= Place Water
N= Delete Objects

Editing Elevation

The elevation editor in the Cossacks Demo is somewhat odd. It allows you to place different types of elevations on the map, with different characteristics. Some of it is legible, as there are shapes that help you understand what the action does, but some of it is in Russian. There are several functions and parts to the generator, each doing a different thing. You will need to correlate all of them to get the elevation type that you want. When you have the type of elevation you want, simply place it on the mini-map on the elevation editor, and it will appear in the main map.

The first section of the editor determines the type of slope that the elevation will have.

Button #1= Straight 60 Degree slope
Button #2= Cliff
Button #3= Smoothened cliff
Button #4= Straight 45 Degree slope
Button #5= Irregular 45 Degree slope
Button #6= Creates bowl in elevation
You can place elevation peaks as well, in the second section of this editor.

Button #1= Highest peak
Button #2= Low peak
Button #3= Medium peak
Button #4= High peak
Button #5= Circular elevation shape
Button #6= Irregular elevation shape

In the final section of the elevation editor, you are able to edit many other aspects of elevations

Slider #1= Elevation height
Slider #2= Elevation diameter
Slider #3= Elevation bevel/Elevation size ratio
Slider #4= Elevation shape smoothness
Slider #5= Elevation shape irregularities

Placing minerals

To access the mineral placer, simply press F4. You will see many different pictures of rocks, all simply stone, with a slider at the bottom. Move the slider, and you will see more types of rocks, and the 3 "under-ground" minerals: Gold, Coal, and Iron. Select the mineral that you want to place, and press Aa. Place the minerals in the map as you like.

Placing farms

Press F5 for the farming window to pop up. There are strange pictures of "branches", with an unknown word in the middle of each. Each "branch picture" represents different stages of growth in farms. Select one, and place it on the map. If it isn't the stage of growth that you prefer, go back to the farming window and select another one.

Placing plant life

Pressing F8 will bring up the Plant Life window. In it, there are many types of trees, bushes, even some other fauna, such as tall grasses, water grasses, and water lilies, even a strange flag. Select the type of plant life that you want, and place it on the map.

AI Parameters

In order that the computer player in this map knows how it should play, you should set its AI parameters. Press Ctrl+S, and the menu will come up. Set the map type, initial resource level, and mineral level to the level that is according with the attributes of your map.

Random Map Settings

If you don't want to go through all of the trouble of making an entire map, you can just use a random map and edit it to your liking. Press Ctrl+M and select the settings(Landscape Type, Nature of Ground, Players, Initial Resources, Minerals, Code) that you want the random map to have. Press Ok and wait for the map to load. You may edit the map as soon as it completes loading.

Set Resources

In order to set the number of starting resources for each of your players on the map, press "R". Type out the resource number for each of the resources, and press Ok. If you want to set the number of resources for another player, press Hrpok 1 and it will switch to Hrpok 2. Set the resources for the second player, and so on. Though, you can just have the set resources the same for all players by pressing For All.

Placing units

The unit placer in the Cossacks Demo map editor has two sections to it. The first one allows you to change the unit type names in the second section into Russian or English, while the second section lists the units that you are able to place. Simply select the unit that you wish to place on the map, and select IIpnnrtb. You will be brought to the main map. Right click wherever you wish the unit to be placed. Repeat the process if you would like to place more than 1 type of unit.

Unblocking areas

If you wish for an area that is normally unaccessable by units to be accessable, press "S". Right click on the areas that you wish to be accessable. It it easier if you pressed "Q" as well, as you will be able to see the exact spots that are unaccessable.

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