Grand Theft Auto Easter Egg - Hidden Developers Name

1. I recommend you use the cheat "stevesmates" so the cops won't bother you and the cheat "porkcharsui" so you can enter debug mode.
2. Select the chapter Bent Cop Blues and get in the brown regal you are given at the start. You have to use this car so don't destroy it.
3. Drive north to Miramire, behind a building
(co-ords 2,1)(to get co-ordinates up hit the C key when you are debug mode). There should be a tire. Drive over it.
4. Now drive down to Vice Beach in the same car and down below a hotel is a tyre (co-ords 227,111), drive over the tyre.
5.Now drive in the same car to Richman Heights to this area near a railroad (co-ords 119,236) there should be a tyre. Drive over it. The words "YEEEHAAA" will appear on the screen.
6. Now drive in any car to the phones at Vice Shores and above the highway below the phones the words BILLY will be floating in big letters in the sky.

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Contributed By: Flanny on 10-28-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: None
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Dom writes:
That's a really cool egg.How on earth did you find out about that?It's not the kind of thing you just find by driving around. I looked at the credits.The The map design and mission programming for Vice City were done by a Billy Thomson.I couldn't see anyone else in the credits called Billy, so it must be him.
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Spug writes:
Guess it's one of the developers? You could check the credits.
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Zexesl2 writes:
I took a screenie of it !
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I'd rather find an Egg that it didn't take two hours to find.
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