Warcraft 3 Easter Egg - The Biggest Panda

Well i'm not entirely sure if this is an egg but it definately is hidden. This is on chapter 5 or 6 i think in the night elf campaign. *spoiler*(well...kinda i guess, for those of you who haven't played it yet) It involves you awakening some bears and freeing illidan. Think it's called 'Blood Brothers' or something like that.
You start off at the top of the map somewhere in the middle. Fight your way down past a few spiders. Some way down you'll come to a place with a big batch of mushrooms. If you go past that you'll fight some spiders in a dead end. OK, now back track to the place with the mushrooms. You'll need your hero to get to this...i think he's called furion. Anyway, use the summon treants spell on the mushrooms. This might take awhile but you want to clear a pathway through the mushrooms. Once you've cleared the pathway ...heheh... send all your troops in all the way up following the pathway past the mushrooms and have fun. There is a very useful item you can pick up so stick around.
Well, the easiest way to find this is to use the cheat 'iseedeadpeople' to reveal the map and scroll around to look for this at the spot mentioned. It's very noticeable. However this kinda takes the fun out of finding it.
Try it and see. At the very least it's kinda amusing.

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Contributed By: luke on 07-16-2002
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e-dawg writes:
This goes back to the rumor/joke floating around Blizzard the the beta testers (a couple of my friends were) that there was a scret race to be released with the official version -- a race of giant bloodthirsty pandas. This egg appears to be the only instance of an actual panda in the game. There are others, I'll submit one.
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I-zo writes:
If you put the allie color thingy on wich makes your allies yellow, your guy white, enemies red and neutral orange it is easy to find on the minimap.
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Rharren writes:
In the same level, a little to the west of the entrance to the panda is a seal, named Jimmy I think, he drops a manual of health.
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