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Go to the part of the episode where Bart and Millhouse are closing up shop. Turn on the closed captions. We hear Millhouse say something like "I finished stocking the shelves" or something like that. But on the closed captions it says "I finished marking down the South Park stuff." Then Bart says "Better mark it down again. Keep marking it down until it sells." Amusing little secret, unless you're deaf, then you already knew about it.

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Contributed By: Kyle on 07-17-2002
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Special Requirements: TV and/or VCR and episode of Simpson's where Bart and Millhouse take over comic book store
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Mr. Baby Man writes:
You see this a lot in animated shows, particularly edgy primetime shows like "The Simpsons", "Family Guy", and of course "South Park". This usually occurs because in the course of producing an animated series, captions must be submitted to the captioning services early on, and are based on the final dialogue script. Last minute changes are subsequently made to the aired dialogue due to time constraints, a director's whim, or in this case, because Fox's lawyers didn't want to upset Comedy Central's lawyers. If you watch any episode of "The Simpsons" simultaneously with captioning active, you will almost always find at least one or two lines changed, and the original line is usually funnier (and potentially more inflammatory) than its replacement.
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Yeah, and this is only the simpsons' side of it. There was a whole episode of south park about the simpsons. Butters was trying to think of an evil plan, but whatever he thought of, his partner (name unknown, nickname "general dissaray") informs him that the simpsons have already done it. The other plot, in which Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Tweak create a society of seapeople-semen hybrids, directly parodies the simpsons halloween segment "The Genesis Tub".
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Guess Who writes:
uh, sorry to tell you, but if you watched that episode of south park, you'd have heard that that episode of simpsons was a rip-off of another show, i think something along the lines of Twilight Zone.
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