Star Trek, The Next Generation: Technical Manual Easter Egg - Weird Map Details

I found this egg years ago before i even new what an easter egg was (not the ones made out of chocolate).
Ok. So just open the book to page 11 and you should have in front of you a cut-away side on view of the Enterprise 1701-D.
All the little internal details (the main bridge, warp core, even shuttles in the shuttle bay) are displaied as sillowettes. Ooo, Verry Pretty. but if you look closely you can see the sillowettes of some very odd things that dont belong on a starship in the 24th century. so far i've been able to find:
- What looks like a Porche in the main shuttle bay
- A rat
- A duck
- What looks like a symbol for a pedestrian crossing or ladies toilet
- A B52 Bomber or some such old aeroplane
I'm pretty sure that's it, but there might be more i haven't seen. Have fun!

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Contributed By: DancingJesus on 07-18-2002
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Special Requirements: Just the book
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Correct!............. The said items were actually added on the original set props as an inside joke by the shows creators. There were many others on doors and panels all over the set!! (Helped to keep the actors on their toes!!)
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benn writes:
There is also a screwdriver. The book has footnotes telling of the other "easter eggs", but those are on the set.
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