Heroes of Might and Magic IV Easter Egg - Extra Items in Map Editor

In Heros IV, as in all games, there are a variety of items or other things that didn't make it in to the final product. Heros IV still has a few of these.

In the map editor under the Tools menu, go to customize. Click on the Object Paletts tab. From there, click on either the Adventure or the Landscape Objects items in the left box and click on the create your own subcatigory button above the right box. Title it what you want, but this is the place where all the extra stuff will go. Now double-click on the name of the subcatigory you just created.

The items and what they do are:
-default: sits there and looks weird
-castle.Outpost: a castle type that didn't make it into the game
-castle.OutPostR: same as above
-internal.[color]_arrow.[direction]: creates an arrow like that which shows your army's movement colored [color] and in the direction of [direction]
-internal.selected.army: places a cursor which resembles the one under a selected army
-internal.artifact pile land: Looks like a treasure cheast, but when you try to collect it, it gives a message saying that is is just a trick of light
-internal.artifact pile ocean: same as above but on water
-spell.mire: places a cursor like the one under a army afflicted with mire
-mine.Exausted.[mine name]: the original plan was for mines to eventually run out of resorces
-moral-luck boosters.victory flag: gives a permanent +1 morale and +1 luck bonus to all your armies
-movement modifiers.kelp beds: slowed your army down at sea; does nothing now
-movement modifiers.stagecoach: acted on land as a ferry does across water; does nothing now
-Seer's hut.boat: a Quest hut that is a boat; does nothing now
-Seer's hut.nomadic: a Quest hut that was a tent; does nothing now
-Seer's hut.Wagon Camp: a Quest hut that was a wagon camp; does nothing now
-Tombstones.[alignment]: makes a(n) [alignment] tombstone

Drag the entry of your choice to the box on the right to add it to your new menu.

There may be more; try and see!

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Contributed By: \/\/ETS/-\I|_ on 07-10-2002
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Special Requirements: Heros IV with Map Editor
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I found two more, and I know there are others: -water objects.ferry5: Not sure what it does yet, but it looks like a blue default with ferry5 written on it. -water objects.ferry6: same as above, but with ferry6
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