Super Monkey Ball Easter Egg - Strange Hidden Ranking

First off, select the "Normal" mode of MonkeyBall,
not the mini games or party games. Select any difficulty, but you MUST beat the game, so beginner is recomended to do it quickly. Play the game, beat the game, get your score and any bonus points. The "Credits" is a strange mini-game where the monkey rolls through a flat straight level, collecting Banana's. As you go along, the credits will apear, and then the letters will fall. Now, you are SUPPOSED to avoid the letters, as the make you lose ten banana. The higher your score when you finish the credits, the better your "Rank", your rank being a various type of monkey. Instead of trying to get a good score, Try to hit as many letters as you can and avoid bananas when possible. Make sure you have a really low score in NEGATIVE numbers when you finish. If done right, you will get the rank of someones name. I've watched the credits to find this persons name, but haven't seen it listed as a member of the developement team. My guess is its an inside joke, maybe a play-tester who did terrible, and this is a salute to him. I've tried contacting Sega about this name, but they didn't respond. Either way, you do bad and you get some poor saps name.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-24-2002
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Special Requirements: Gamecube, SupermonkeyBall, and a controller
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Spanko writes:
Hey man, I tried this out a few times but it did not work at all. Exactly how low does the score have to be, because mine was well into the negative thousands!!!
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