Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 Easter Egg - Max Sighting!

Okay, this easter egg is on level five. If you haven't reached that far or you've already passed it, then, during gameplay, press "t" and then type "pinotnoir 5" with the spaces and without the quotation marks.
1. When you get to the level, you should be facing a reservoir.
2. Walk along the edges of the reservoir and when you get to the end, turn right, swim through the canal's until you reach a round gray platform.
3. When you reach the platform, swim to your right, kill the guys with the guns, then jump up to the next level.
4. Walk to the bridge up ahead on your left and wait beside the door that's near it. If you try and open it, you'll find out that it's locked. Just be patient and eventually a woman will walk out. You can follow her if you want, or you could just walk in the room.
5. If you don't make it in time when she walks out, then wait till she comes back, and then walk in.
6. When you walk in you'll see the woman and a rabbit, the rabbit is Max, from Sam & Max.

If you try to kill him, it takes a lot, I finally shot him with a grenade launcher and he disappeared. If you walk up to Max and "use" him, he will follow you out of the room and fight the storm troopers.

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Contributed By: rlee1185 on 06-14-2002
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: A roughly good attention span, eyes, and ya gotta be on the right level
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Pictures and Videos

here you can see the inside of the room. obviously the chair with the ears has Max in it.
here you can see the inside of the room. obviously the chair with the ears has Max in it.

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