King, Stephen Easter Egg - Dead Souls

I was reading Tommyknockers right after it came out, back in my hometown of Medford Mass. and the story involved a Maine cop hearing a cop radio transmission from Medford, something about a Package Store being robbed on Mystic Ave. Being a towny from Medford, I freaked, and knew it had to be Atlas Liquors - the only place for booze on Mystic from Medford Square to Somerville {ask anyone}...

Anyways, I'm knocked right out of the book. So I take a ride down to Mystic Ave, I mean, King put an exact address in the book!

But, when I get there, the address is across the street and down aways.

[I won't mention the creepy old black mafioso looking limo parked all alone in the lot across the street, and the sudden snow storm that started just then, but I swear it happened]

The number was like, 118 or something, and there WAS a place with that number, but not a number before it or after. What I mean was, there was like, a 102, and a 124 to either side of this place [i forget the actual number].

So, no way it was random.

I trucked down to the library.

Found a census book, and hotdam if I didn't find a phone number for that house!

That Friday night I was having a party, and told some chicks about the story.

Of course, they immediately demanded the number.

I told them to be cool, and they called.

The guy even answered, and after some hemming and hawing fessed up to being a friend of Kings.

I even looked the guys name up, and I think he might have been a writer or somehow involved with a play called Dead Souls...

Cool huh?

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Contributed By: Bowdog on 06-04-2002
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Bowdog writes:
Well, to the first schmuck, perhaps it wasn't a book from the Census Dept of the United States of America, however, it was a book listing streets, and addresses on the left side of the page, in the middle was the owners name, and there was a phone number too, cuz like, how else do you think I got the number? Sorry if it sounds easy to you, but, I got funny luck like that. Sue me.
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Peabody writes:
How is this an Easter Egg? Lots of authors include real names, places and events in their books. In fact, King does it ALL THE TIME!
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wlo writes:
Census record books do not contain telephone numbers.
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