Trillian Instant Messanger Easter Egg - Show an Angel Face

to show a face on trillian, you just select the face tab and choose the one you want, but, there is another way. If you type a less than sign (<), then a letter (usually the first in the name of the face), then a greater than sign (<). If you do this with the letter 'a' (<a>/<A>) an angel's face will appear in your text.
You can make a clown face by typing <clown>. It's not a lot, but it's neat

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Contributed By: shwillis on 05-31-2002
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Roger Burns writes:
You said that wrong. Anyways, the other emoticons aren't really eggs and they only work for the default skin (Cordillera). To use them, put a word in parantheses ( () ). Also, you can find any of the codes for them on your hard drive at \Program Files\Trillian\skins\TP2\plugins\tp15emoticons-16x16\main.xml. Other emoticons that aren't on the list include (angelh), (devil), (devilh), (clown), (clownh),etc.
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Andrevan writes:
1. You can edit main.xml so the hidden emoticons show up in your drop-down listing. Just add the button="yes" attribute right after one of the emoticon name listings in the file. However, the Clown, Devil, and Angel emoticons are 32px wide as opposed to the standard 16px wide. This messes up the spacing of the emoticon listing considerably. Instead of adding these, add ones like (coffee) or (robot), that are 16px wide or less. 2. You can create your own emoticons. Just copy the last emoticon listing in the file (probably (turkey)) and make it have the pixel readings of your new emoticon (in the emoticons.bmp file). To add sounds to your emoticons, use the sound="sound.wav" attribute in the main.xml file, right after the emoticon name and before button="yes". Remember that other Trillian users can't see these emoticons unless you send them your copy of the emoticons.bmp file and the main.xml file, as well as any sounds, if you have them.
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