Memento Easter Egg - Chronological Order (in Limited Edition)

--Insert Disc two from the Limited Edition set, then select the clock.

--Select answer "c" 5 times (The actual answers have nothing to do with the navigation)

--When you reach the question where you put the pictures in order of the woman fixing her tire, put them in REVERSE order (3, 4, 1, 2), rather than the correct order, and you will be taken to the Chronological version of the film, complete with backwards credits and the opening scene in forward motion.

***Note: This feature worked on my laptop, my Sony DVD, and my Pioneer DVD, however it did NOT work on my Toshiba for some reason...It just played the credits backwards, then the movie in the original I'd be interested to hear from others with Toshiba's to see if this feature worked on their players...***

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Moria writes:
Actually, playing with all the screens and answers will allow you to navigate through production stills, international art, script on/off, and a few other things. The biggest menu from any one "test page" is the question relating to "the best jigsaw puzzle is the one with a couple of pieces missing." Leonard would answer "Always" E - pick that option. The jigsaw question does come up on several of the navigations from the menu symbol page. I played with disk 2 three days before digging out disk 1! Ta!
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I found that I could not play the entire chronological version on our Toshiba DVD player (which is part of our home theater system)-- what I do get is the end credits in reverse, then all of the black-and-white scenes, then the last two chronological scenes of the story, i.e. Teddy picking up Lenny at the hotel, the two of them going to the decrepit building, Teddy's at-gunpoint explanation, Lenny killing Teddy. The post-shooting scene is shown in chronological order (the reverse of what we saw in the movie theater), with the opening credits played in reverse. Then I put the disc into our laptop, and was able to play the entire chronological version of the film. The laptop DVD drive is much newer than our Toshiba; I'm guessing there's something about the older players, or maybe just older Toshibas, that prevents the correct reading of the code to play the chronological version. Another difference--the part of the chronological film that I did get on the Toshiba had color still shots inbetween each black and white scene, whereas the laptop just played the scenes with no interruptions. Again, seems like a difference in the player's ability to correctly read the programming code. A note on the *steps* accessing this version: it seems that it doesn't matter how you arrive at the tire-changing-picture sequence--as long as you put the pictures in reverse order (3,4,1,2), you will access the chronological version of the film.
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Marty McFly writes:
I went through the above and the black and white scenes play chronologically. After that, the first scenes of the movie, Teddy Meets Lenny at the hotel/Lenny kills Teddy, play followed the opening credits backwards. Anyway to get the whole movie to play chronologically?
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b33r-g0d writes:
I was able to watch the entire movie in chronological order (ending credits in reverse, black and white scenes, color scenes, openning sequence in forward order) BUT the only thing that I noticed is that the very first scene that is entirely in color (relative to this version) is omitted in the chronological. This scene is where Leonard slams on the brakes in front of the tattoo parlor to get the tattoo of the license plate number. What happens is after Lenny and Teddy talk and Lenny takes off in the Jag. He slams on the breaks at the tattoo parlor, then it cuts to a scene repeating this, and then goes directly to the scene of Lenny meeting Natalie at the bar. We have reason to believe that this scene was left out because of the fact that the tattoo was done incorrectly (it is supposed to be 7IU, and it's done 71U), but this is only a speculation. I haven't tried it out on any other DVD players yet, so maybe I'll post an amendment to this after I try it out.
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angelgirl writes:
i have a new sony dvd player and playing the movie in chronological order didn't work when i put the pictures in the 3-4-1-2 just played the credits backwards...grrr, i may have to play around with it some more
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I have a Mitsubishi dvd player and I had the same thing happen where the black and white scenes are played in chronological oder and then the film shows the color scenes - again in reverse order.
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NoSunHere writes:
My daughter had me searching all over the internet for the solution to playing this movie "forward". Actually, this was the only site I found that referenced it. She wanted me to tell you that this worked! She was completely amazed.
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varick writes:
I was able to play the movie in chronoglogical order on the Panasonic S29/DVD-S26 with no trouble. The black and white scenes play first then the color scenes. I did notice that several short scenes repeated themselves for some reason. varick
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Hendersonfan writes:
I also have a Toshiba DVD player. Got the B&W to play in chronological order, but stopped after Teddy was killed. I'll try the other DVD player at a later date to see if it gives the same results.
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Richard writes:
Warning....I have a pioneer DVD player. A very old one from before progressive scan. I stopped the movie about 30 minutes into it to go do something else briefly. Then when I came back and hit play, it started at the opening menu and I had to go through the codes and watch the entire first 30 minutes again. Track forward and search forward do not work. So if you have to take a break, hit pause, not stop.
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