How High Easter Egg - Cops Are Coming, Hide the Stash (All the Eggs)

On the bonus material screen if You select hide the stash Red and Mef will tell You in a nutshell that there are easter eggs hiiden on the dvd. Here is all the extra stuff (not much but its still cool)

1)Highlight hide the stash(dont select it) then press right a lighter will appear, hit enter and be treated to a scene not in the movie.
2) Go to the second bonus material screen and as soon as you get on that screen press left. The small 420 on top of the blackboard will light up. Hit enter and Red and Mef will tell you a message, basically to keep searching.
3)Then when it goes back to the second bonus menu hit right 5 times and the 420 by the girls boot will light up. Hit enter and Red and Mef will give you another message, basically telling you to keep looking.
4) Go to the next bonus screen highlight back (dont select it) then press up. Hit enter and Red and Mef will give you a better clue where the stash is.
4)On the same bonus screen (the 3rd one) highlight dvd newsletter (dont select it). Press right and the small 420 between the girls will light. Hit enter and Red and Mef will congradulate you on finding the stash and they will treat you to one of thier famous sayings....


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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-29-2002
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Special Requirements: DVD Player & How High DVD
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