Command and Conquer: Renegade Easter Egg - Extra Classes in Multiplayer

There are extra character and vehicle classes avaliable in Renegade. To acsess these classes, you must be in either a multiplayer game THAT IS NOT A LADDER GAME, or a multiplayer practice game. Here are the directions:

1) Hit F8 during the game (while not in a PCT)

2) Type the following

extras fnkqrrm

3) NOTE: Use "quantifigon" instead of "fnkqrrm" if you are using the unpatched version (ie v1.0)

4) Head over to one of your team's PCTs.

5) hold down alt and press E to enter the terminal.

6) Keep holding alt and click on either vehicles or characters.

7) Pick a Class and have fun :).

Avaliable to GDI:
NOTE: The GDI character menu seems messed up.

Lt. Maus - Grenade Launcher
Adam Locke - Gunner's Rocket Launcher
Logan Sheppard - Sniper Rifle (standard)
Petrova - Volt Rifle, no armor

Sedan - no weapon
Pickup Truck - no weapon

Chef - flamethrower
Mutated Petrova - Volt Rifle, heals in Tiberium
Kane - Railgun (aka Mass Driver)
Varius mutants - Tiberium based weapons (group 8), heal in tiberium

Chameleon Tank - ???

Release the alt key and reenter the submenu to see normal classes.

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Contributed By: Redwolf on 05-16-2002
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Special Requirements: nothing except a computer, keyboard, mouse, and Renegade
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Psyko010 writes:
Thanks! Up till now, i had thought this was a hack, and i am sure allot of other people thought the same thing.
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