AddWeb Website Promoter Easter Egg - Hidden Lumberjack

If you have the retail CD of this product, when you inster the CD, the autorun (installation program) starts. Move your mouse OUT of the window and do the following:

1) Hit the 'L' key on your keyboard.
2) enter the following text in the input box:

A picture of a lumberjack with the words 'I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK' will appear.

The story behind this:
One of the authors of AddWeb version 3 was often called 'Lumberjack' because he always wore typical lumberjack shirts. He left the company and stole the product's source code when he left, and released a competing product based on AddWeb's source code. During the development of AddWeb Version 4, the company was in the process of suing him for the action (copyright infringement). His main defense was a claim that the sourcecode had to be compared, and that if it was compared, you would see that the source code was original. They were always yelling that the source code had to be compared, and it became something of a joke. In the end, the source code was found to have been built on AddWeb version 3's source code and the case settled out of court.

Also, if you have the ESD edition of AddWeb 4, do a search in the registry for the text:
'edocecruos' (sourcecode spelled backwards), as well as 'noitomorpdiulfymtnawi' (I want my fluid promotion spelled backwards). Fluid Promotion was the name of the product that was infringing on the AddWeb copyright.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-14-2002
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: AddWeb v 4 (Retail Edition)
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