Blast Corps. (N64) Easter Egg - Pac-Man Bonus Mission

1.In the Argent Towers mission there are two comms. centres, one to the left of the start point, one on top of a raised block.
2. to get to the second you must use J-Bomb, and don't think you can beat the level without him, Unfortunately, he's trapped in a giant block surrounded by force fields.
3. to get in you have to left from the start point and drive up and down the far left side until you find a movable stone block in front of a walkway.
4. move the block then exit backlash and walk down the path, on the way you will pass a brown door.
5. get in the Ramdozer and push the nearby TNT crate into the door to open it and get $15.
6. exit ramdozer and walk through the door into the waiting train.
7. drive the train to the next opening(not till the end of the track)and get out.
8. get in the bike that is there an ride up the ramp(you cant go back in)and find where J-Bomb is.
Go right and you will find another low area, this time with buildings blocking the entrance.
9. use rockets to destroy the buildings and then aim carefully to hit the door.
10. get out and go down and through the door.
you will find a tunnel, walk down until you find J-Bomb's cage and get in. walk out through the force field and fly to the comms. centre.
11. finish the level aND go to the bonus mission(Geode Square)complete it and get the comms.
12. there is then a series of bonus missions, one after the other, all with comms. They are as follows; Lizard Island, Dagger Pass, Saline Watch, Magma Peak. The only advice I can give is be careful not to touch the water and don't use your dive bomb attack (falling from the sky)unless you have to.
13. You're not done yet though. after Magma Peak if you get the comms. you will get the next bonus level Baboon Catacomb(yes that is correct). This level is basically Pac-Man. You have 2mins. 24secs. to collect 224 RDUs(the light things on the ground)from a maze whilst avoiding the four coloured bulldozers.(hint: don't go straight ahead at the start.)

Well that's it, a little long but it gets there in the end.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-10-2002
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Special Requirements: Blast Corps. Game Cartridge For N64
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