Cool Edit Easter Egg - Ball Bearings

As with the previous Cool Edit PRO egg you start Cool Edit PRO 2.0 , go to Help, about Cool Edit Pro.
Now click on the "balls" or "dots" on the CEP logo. The will drop to the bottom of the about box. You can bounce them off each other and afer a while 2 more will appear. I've gotten up to 8 balls but it may be possible to get more!

Furthermore, once the balls are 'free' you can right-click on the screen to produce little obstacles that deflect the balls as they continue on their merry way. Right-click again to delete them too.

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Contributed By: Ubh on 04-24-2002
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Cool Edit Pro 2.0
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Pictures and Videos

Lots of balls and
Lots of balls and "pins"!!! yay!!!

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Angelo writes:
now, while you're at it, the background of the 'about' screen changes every time you re-open it (well, duh), and the cool part - try right-clicking anywhere in the window (yes those are not just litle points...)
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Alan writes:
I'm up to 16 balls! You won't get additional ones unless you move at least one of them. By right-clicking on the picture area, you can add (or delete previously added) pins, which the balls will bounce-off, as in a pinball machine!
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vinyljunkie writes:
For those who own v1.2, click 'help' and 'about cool edit pro'. In the middle of the flower, drag and drop the pink bit as you please. Have the sound on for this one!
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Radiodork writes:
After getting 8 ball bearings and letting it sit for a few minutes, suddenly credits for the developers started rolling through the window from top to bottom. The letters of the words interacted with the ball bearings, making them fly around the screen! I have no idea what else I did to make this happen, as I have not been able to re-create it. Anyone else seen this?
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Stephen writes:
---> GOT IT! To see the credits you need all 15 balls on the stage [just be patient - they'll keep re-forming every 40/60 seconds - click them to make them fall off the logo]. There's no need to play with them or do anything special - let them rest on the base or play - doesn't matter! It's up to you. When you have them all, alternatively drag the words COOL, EDIT, PRO inside the () in the logo. Then shift-doubleclick between the () in the logo (() [top-left] above the "COOL EDIT | PRO" text. Wait, wait, wait ... Voila' ... the credits appear and interact with the balls! Have fun! :-)
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Exodus writes:
I got 14 balls, and I think that's all you can get cuz I sat here for a long time!
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