Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Easter Egg - Hidden Omaha Level

First of all, you must have cheat mode enabled.

Right-click on your Medal Of Honor shortcut and click on properties. Look where it says "target". Look where it says MOHAA.exe" Add this in to enable cheat mode: " +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1" without quotes.

Note: There SHOULD be quotes before and after the original pathname. Ex) "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\MOHAA.exe" +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

Next, when in the game menu, go to the "advanced" menu. Check the box that says "enable console" Then, you're ready to begin the egg.

Then, you must be at the Operation Overlord: Omaha Beach part of the game. Beat the beach part. Get to the part when you have to infiltrate the bunker. When you're at the area when you have to kill the MG-42 Machine-Gunners, type "noclip" (without quotes) to fly and go through walls. Use your jump key to go up and crouch key to go down.

Finally, go BEHIND the bunker where other MG-42's and the trenches are. Go somewhere and type noclip again to stop fly mode. Now you can walk around. This is the egg. Notice that there are functioning doors and intricately designed shelves, floors, signs, etc. Go to where the mortar launchers are. See the red glow? Recognize that from previous missions? It's a bomb planting area. I think the people who made this game intended on making another part to this mission, like destroying the mortars.

I'm guessing they were just too eager to put the game in stores.

Pretty cool, eh?

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Contributed By: Alex S. on 03-25-2002
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Special Requirements: Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, cheat mode, eyeballs
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h4x0r writes:
actually dude, it isn't a secret level. it's the multiplayer version of Omaha for MOH:AA. the allies need to infiltrate the bunker and destroy the east and west flak cannons. the developers wanted to save space and time so they put the two maps together. try playing omaha on multiplayer, it r0x0rz. cheers to EA and 2015 for a truly great game. Peace out
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da_gherkin writes:
Can anyone tell me why i cannot activate the cheat mode? I type it in as it says is this original post, i then activate the console as described, however when i type in the cheat command it reads' 'server must use +set cheats 1 to activate this command.' or saomething very similar. Any help would really be appreciated
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John M writes:
That level is not an egg. It is used in the multi-player version of the game. (Objective based level)
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I've found a hidden SENN lettering inside the hill, at the middle of it, just under the surface, between the bunkers. I cheated when I discovered it. :) Use an OpenGL hack that is capable to do the "wireframe mode". Then you will be capable to see that lettering. I don't know whether it is related to the level author(s) or etc...
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sandwell writes:
This extra part is actually for multi-player game.
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Merre writes:
How do you activate the cheat mode for a Mac? I really want to try some of these things out, please email me at [email protected] if you know how, or just reply.
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SimEri writes:
This is not an egg. The "hidden" Omaha level is a part of the multi-player level, and its easier to just take a part of the multi-player level when you only see a glimpse of it from the top of the bunker.
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od writes:
Not an egg, just obj_team3 multiplayer level. Eager to get in stores? I've never such a stupid thing in my entire life.
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