Uplink Easter Egg - 2 Possible Easter Eggs, and a Real One

HI ppl!! I've found three Easter Eggs!.
The first egg is not a too interesting. You'll see that there is a node called Uplink Credit server or something like that. Well if you wanna find it you must go to interNIC and search there. Once you get in, you will see greetings, etc, etc...

The second one, I don't know if it is a real easter egg, but it is interesting: Either in the International Social Security Database and in the International Academy Database(or something like that) you can search for your own active Uplink Agent-nicknames. For example, if you are logged as "Spike", you may search Spike in any of them, and you will find yourself there.
You'll see that you were quite a good student... xD

Now the last one, the real easter eegg. xD This is the most interesting and consider it as a real easter egg. This egg is based in the spectacular movie starred by Sandra Bullock: "The Net". Do you remember that backdoor, that was able to access there by a strange "PI" in the corner?, hehehe well, here we also have a "PI" in Uplink. xDDD
To find it, you must lose one game, at least. Once you lose, you will be taken to the main menu(Once you lose, you will be automatically un-registered) where all your nicknames appear, as many actives and unactives. Go to any unactive nickname, and there instead of login in (remember that you have lost) it will shows your last score, your rating, your neuromancer rating, and all that.
IN THAT SCREEN, You'll see a "PI" in the up-left corner. Click there, and you'll see the names of the main programmers. It has nice animation, and strange sayings... see it for yourself!
I found these ones yesterday... xD

see ya,

PS: Well, my English level is not good enough, but I hope it was understandable...

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Contributed By: hypnosys on 02-16-2002
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Special Requirements: Just the game... but I think that it would work also in the demo.
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joe2cool writes:
I think you're right -- the first two aren't Easter Eggs. ALthough the last one is. Something to note -- if you go to the international social security database (or whichever has people's criminal records in it) search for your own. If you have been caught, you will see it here. Delete it. You won't get game over if you do this quick enough.
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