Linkin Park: Frat Party at the Pancake Festival Easter Egg - All DVD Secrets

I have spent an awful lot of time in finding (and testing out) these secrets and know that a large amount of Linkin Park fans will be ecstatic that someone has taken the time to put them on eeggs. com. I cannot take any of the credit for them though; I've just put them all together. Enjoy!

ESAUL, from 1999 - With subtitles ON, watch the chapter 'Beginnings'. After about 4/5 minutes Rob says, "From the beginning..." (these words will appear in the subtitles). During these 3 words press ENTER (or PLAY, if your machine does not have an ENTER button) and you will be whisked off to some excellent footage of the band playing in a bedroom back in 1999, before Chester got his flames.

One Step Closer, backwards! - In 'disc setup', turn Directors Commentary ON. Choose the OSC video from Chapter Selection rather than from Video List, and press ENTER/PLAY. The video plays as normal but the lyrics play backwards. It's mental!

One Step Closer re-mix by The Humble Brothers - Play OSC video, again choosing it from Chapter Selection. During the last "shut up" (before the chorus which goes "shut up when I'm talkin' to you") press ENTER/PLAY. This will take you to an (audio only) re-mix version of OSC.

Points of Authority Live version 2 - Go to the Disc Setup screen. Wait for 1-2 minutes without pressing any buttons/keys. Eventually a honeycomb grid with the numbers 1-9 will appear. Press the numbers 1485952, making sure you press ENTER/PLAY between each number. (If using a pc you need to just click on each number in turn with the mouse, without the need to press ENTER between numbers. You will need to press ENTER after the '2' though). You will be shown a live version of POA with commentary.

12 minutes of footage from London (the one where Mike breaks the table. Oops!) - PLAY the DVD. STOP the DVD. Press the DISPLAY button. (Depending on the type of machine you are using to watch this DVD, you may not have a DISPLAY button. Try pressing PROGRAM instead. GOTO may work. On my DVD player I have to press DISPLAY twice.) Some information will come up which shows the number of the title and chapter you are currently watching. For example: 6/20. (There could be other stuff here too, but we can ignore all the rest). The hidden section you are trying to access is Title 3, Chapter 1. You need to change the information shown on your screen to 3/1. This can be done by using your arrow keys to highlight the section you want to change, and by typing in the number you want. This section is by far the best hidden bit on the DVD (and you get to see the Sound Technicians butt, though I'm not sure who would want to. It's a good job it's very funny.) I have heard that this secret can also be accessed by PLAYING the end credits, then pressing PREVIOUS/BACK to go back a chapter. This is supposed to work, but it does not on my DVD player.

If you are using a Playstation 2 to watch the DVD, you may have difficulty accessing some of these hidden sections simply because of the numbers you have to press. You need to have an Official Sony Remote Control. This comes with drivers which give you extra features without which you will probably be unable to watch all the secrets! Well worth investing in, me thinks!

Marianne Harris

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Contributed By: Marianne Harris on 02-13-2002
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Special Requirements: DVD Player, or PS2, or PC and copy of Frat Party....(of course!)
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