Swordfish Easter Egg - Hidden Features

I've only checked this on the UK release, so don't know if it works on any others:
Goto track selection select:
Track 6: Australian chat show with Hugh Jackman and John Travolta. Includes very funny scene with them singing from Grease.
Track 10:Music video from Paul Okenfold (not sure if thats the right spelling)
Tracks 11-18: Hidden interviews

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Contributed By: Digital Oedipus on 02-13-2002
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Special Requirements: DVD player with track selection
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Geert Bollen writes:
Actually, these eggs are clips you get by looking the DVD on a computer. You get a great tool where you have to type different kinds of passwords, and each password gives you access to a different clip.
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I have the Region 1 (Can./U.S.) release and have found everything except the "Rove Live" talk show clip. I've gone through tracks 1 - 20 and it simply does not appear to be there. Does anybody know where I can find it on my DVD or is it just not there?
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1c3m4n writes:
if you do feel the need to "hack" into the extra features on the DVD ROM features, hare are all the passwords i have come accross. Covert, Mastermind, Misdirection, Stanley, Gabriel, Deception, Hacker, Worm. I think that it, but if anyone knows any more, let me know!
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maxxman writes:
Here are all of the passwords for the REGION 1 DVD when you are trying to gain access to the "Restricted" files from the DVD-ROM section. (We also cannot find the 23-minute video interview that exists on the Region 2 DVDs, and do not know if it is even on a Region 1 DVD). Passwords: Misdirection - Chapter 10 Music Video (the BEST egg!) Hacker - Chaper 11 Interview Stanley - Chaper 12 Interview Mastermind - Chaper 13 Interview Covert - Chaper 14 Interview with Halle Berry (cute!) Patriot - Chaper 15 Interview Gabriel - Chaper 16 Interview Worm - Chaper 17 Interview Mossad - Chaper 18 Interview Deception - Chaper 19 Concept Art
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