Spidey Easter Egg - Spidey ...Earth X Oneshot Special

in the early prints of this alternate spiderman comic there was a hidden message to the then-editor-in-chief Bob Harris.
It is hidden in a bookcase ... the message is scrawled along the spines of the books and reads something like " so long Bob Harris you son of a b**ch ha ha ha" ..something like that. Bob Harris was leaving and the artist hadn't liked him.
The comic went to print and Marvel realized too late what had happened. They instructed comic shop owners to destroy those copies and sent out batches of replacements. Of course many copies were not destroyed.
Why is this egg cool? Because if you have a copy with the message still on the book spines it's worth considerably more than you paid for it..

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Contributed By: boydegg on 01-20-2002
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Special Requirements: early version of this comic
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boydegg writes:
I am not full of crap. How can you own a comic store and NOT know about this. That issue went up to 35 dollars in avalue almost overnight. Take a look at the price listings in Wizard magazine. The reason YOUR copy does not have the scrawled message is because you obviously have one of the copies Marvel sent out as replacements for the 'misprinted' issues. Can other comics readers (preferably with a bit of knowledge about the world of comics) please verify my story?
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boydegg writes:
Yes the one in "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" was another recent example of a comics company trying to shut the stable door after the horse had bolted. Alan Moore (or one of his artists) put a mock advertisement in the back which was for a vaginal syringe (or something similar) ..made by "The Marvel Company". DC hastily withdrew this to avoid possible legal hassle with Marvel Comics. The few issues that did escape 'unpulped' rocketed in price. Oh - and well said ....just because you own a comic shop (woo woo) doesn't make you some unchallengeable authority on comics. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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ntnon writes:
It was the Universe X: Spidey special. The artist put the slanderous comments about ex-editor Bob Harras on the spines of books in one panel. Issues were distributed to comics shops a week early (part of Marvel's 'first look' initiative), and were then recalled when the comments were noticed. The artwork featuring the book spines was cleaned, and the issue reprinted. A 'Dynamic Forces' variant cover also exists.
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yoda22278 writes:
A few copies of this comic are out there and go for quite a price. I myself nearly bought one on eBay, then chose not to when the price went too high. Joe Quesada, the new EIC at Marvel, was quite pissed when the news broke and flat-out blamed the inker for adding that little bit in. And just because you own a comic shop doesn't mean you know every little bit of comic history/trivia. I'm quite surprised you didn't know this. I mean, you did hear about the "Marvel" suction device (or whatever it was) in DC/WildStorm/ABC's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, didn't you?
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I own a rather well-known comic store, and you are completely full of crap. I also own the comic, and nothing is on the spines.
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