Duke Nukem 3D Easter Egg - Duke Was Here (and More Easter Eggs!)

Everyone knows there are messages hidden from the Levelord throughout Duke 3d. The hardest one to find is..."Duke Was Here 2014". Well, here it is.

In Hotel Hell, go into the swimming pool. Swim over to the crack, and blow up the wall. Go into the cave, and surface in the bathroom stall. When in the stall, notice that one wall reveals a flaming cavern. On the wall with the entryway to the cavern, look up. Near the ceiling, you'll see an elongated green blob. Fly up and look close. It reads:



HERE 2017

The Levelord goofed and squished two rows into one. But it's still a cool egg to see, though.

While I'm at it, I'll tell you the locations of all of the other Levelord eggs:

867-5309 - above the first urinal in E1L1
[email protected] - in the second stall in E1L1
behind the babe - in the cave in the jail cell next to E1L3's chapel
how did you get here - in the rightmost alcove above the sub in E1L4
go with the flow - in the dark cave right after the blue key gate in E1L5
you're not supposed to be here - in the shrinker's alcove in E1L5
suyt (show us your t*ts) - in the dancer's cave in E1L5
dopefish lives - at the base of the first pillar at the end of E1L5
u.s.s. framerate - on the other side of the small ship seen at the start of E2L1
(note: only Duke Atomic's version of DNCLIP can help you find it)
1138 - on the monitor in the secret room near the start of E2L2
1138 - under the EDF logo in E2L2
blum bed co - on the bed in the Enterprise in E2L3
bite me - in the farthest stall of E2L7's bathroom
jump in the monolith - on the computer near the monolith at the end of E2L8
push her button - behind the vase after E3L1's Exotica poster
push me - in the cabinet in E3L1's wet bar
no one should be here - in the Bank Roll lookalike at the end of E3L1
the crack below - in the cave above E3L3's underwater crack
anaal oothric (dragon's breath) - in the cave with steam to the right of E3L3's blue card
under the knife - in E3L4's doctor's office
you're not supposed to be here either - floating above the fans outside of the window at the end of E3L4
push the register not the snacks - in the snack machine room in E3L5
jump at the earth - in the spaceship set in E3L5
telltale footprints - at the top of the bomb-laced stairs in E3L6
blast the bottles - in E3L7's apartment
check the vintage - in the secret hall behind the bar in E3L8
behind the fountain - in the second floor hallway of E3L8
are you small or are you cheating - in the watery tray return in E4L1
looking for secrets - in the room (outside of the level's boundaries) where the "weathergirl" sprites are kept in E4L1
c'mon quit cheating - the black room next to the room with "looking for secrets"
run your ass off - in the vent inside E4L3's trash compactor
tag is cool - in a room past E4L10's level boundaries that holds Randall Pitchford's signature

Well, if you find more, say so, but otherwise these are all the Levelord eggs I can find.

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Contributed By: AnakinGuy on 01-12-2002
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Special Requirements: Duke Nukem Atomic Edition
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DHUEKREE W2A0S17 864-5309 stryker@metronet.com
DHUEKREE W2A0S17 864-5309 [email protected]
Behind The Babe Shrinker's Alcove in The Abyss - Used leftover jetpack from secret level Launch Facility
Behind The Babe Shrinker's Alcove in The Abyss - Used leftover jetpack from secret level Launch Facility

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Dudar writes:
I think, "telltale footprints" isn't an egg. If you follow the footprints (you can see them if you use the item you can see in dark with, I don't remember its name) they lead you to a wall that you can open up. So this is a part of the level and can be a secret, but not an egg.
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