Farscape Easter Egg - Chiana Shows Us Her "Accessories"

This DVD's Extras interview is with the actor that plays Chiana. There is a humorous bit of additional footage they didn't include in the interview.

To view this clip, go to 37 minutes into "Durka Returns". At about 37:09, a symbol will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. It's hard to describe, it looks a bit like the symbols on the bindings of the DVD cases. Think of a white number 9 that has the round part cut in half vertically, (forming two crescents) and the left crescent shrunk a bit and moved into the other crescent on the right. It will be visible for the next 30 seconds, as the scene is playing. Press the (play) button on your remote while the symbol is visible to activate it and play the additional interview footage.

Note: It took me some time to get the symbol to re-appear after seeing it the first time. It seems that changing directions (ff to rew) seems to cause the symbol to not display itself during the scene. You may have to go to the start of that chapter and fast-forward to 37:11 to view it. The easiest (and least reliable for me) way was to go to the next chapter and rewind to 37:00 or so and play from there. The symbol always shows up when the episode is played from the start.

And yes, she really does show off her "accessories". ;-)

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Contributed By: Virtual1 on 01-11-2002
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Special Requirements: Farscape DVD #8 (includes episode "Durka Returns") and a DVD player
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miko writes:
"Durka Returns" is NOT on disc 1.8. It is on disc 1.7. Is this egg on disc 1.7 or 1.8?
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Durka Returns is on disk 8 (labelled on the spine, DFS/008). However, I have not seen the symbol, watching through normally. Nor did I see any hidden clips when I quickly browsed the different titles and chapters.
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jgilles writes:
Sounds like a discrepancy between US and UK versions. On the region 1 US discs -- released months after region 2 equivalents, I might add :( -- "Durka Returns" is on disc 008 along with "A Human Reaction." The 007 disc contains the episodes "The Flax" and "Jeremiah Crichton." In any case, I had no trouble seeing the symbol and finding the hidden Chiana feature as described in Virtual1's original on the region 1 disc.
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