Ericsson Mobile Phones Easter Egg - T68 - Hidden Games

A shameless cut'n'paste from the following page:

(infosync rocks!)

The first of the games is Snake, which can be summoned by going to Menu/Fun & Games/Games/ERIX, selecting New Game, choosing any difficulty and typing "123" just as the logo comes up. Then there's Blocks, which quite similar to Snake can be summoned by going to Menu/Fun & Games/Games/Q, selecting New Game, hitting "1" for Level and typing in "134679

#5" while the Q logo is displayed. Note that on both these games, all button presses must be completed while the logo is still appearing.

In addition to these two larger games, there are also a couple of other goodies hidden in the T68, including a simple Higher/Lower card game that appears if you enter "654456" in the Ripple game logo screen, as well as a little message saying "Live Well" "Be Happy" by entering 397 in the intro screen of Tetris (while the bricks are falling, after starting a new game).

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Contributed By: zzyss on 12-27-2001
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Special Requirements: Ericsson T68 mobile phone
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SGC2100 writes:
Due to the different variations of phones and phone software, I am using a T68m with software R2B013. This is a US version. To check on the software version, the system menu can be located by pressing * > * < < * < * (the < and > means the direction the joystick should be pressed). Don't play around in there, you could mess up your phone, although, there is some cool test in this menu. Those are okay to play with. Anyways, the higher/lower card game can be found by pressing 4456 during the logo of Contrary, the snake game can be found by pressing 789 during Erix intro logo(the lines that eventually spell out Erix), and the "Put the numbered blocks in order" can be found by pressing 3*5 during Q's logo.
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Flipside writes:
These codes didn't seem to work on my phone, but with a bit of playing about I found that the Snakes game works if you use the code 789 instead of 123, and the code for the blocks game is 134679*5, not 134679#5.
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