Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Easter Egg - Cavedog Witch Project

-Open "Explorer"
-Open "D:"
-Now, open movies\interface\madness\why are you clicking\there may not even be anithyng\at the end of this tree\but even if there is\it probably don't worth it

Now double-click on "cave dog witch project". You'll see a movie made by the producers of the game. They will enter the cave dog building and show the designers, producers, etc.

Inside ...\it probably don't worth\i told you so, you'll see a document "wasted time". It says:

Since 1967 the S I unit for time, the second, has been defined as exactly
9,192,631,770 periods of radio radiation emitted as a result of gyroscopic
precession of the outermost electron in undisturbed cesium atoms.

The video is much better...

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Contributed By: Pedro on 12-27-2001
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: The game
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