Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Expansion Easter Egg - An Old Friend

In your Pocket Plane there are 5 trials that must be overcome during the course of the game. The second trial (which can be done after defeating Yaga-Shura) looks like a small desert oasis, in which you have to fight and kill several NPC's.

Doesn't the mage in the blue robe look a bit familiar? The mage is called Semaj, which, spelled backwards is James. Semaj (James) is also spotted in Baldurs Gate I at the final battle with Sarevok.

In the Baldurs Gate I section of this site it says that James Worthington was the creator of the adventure, though I could only see a writer called James Ohlen in the credits for Throne of Bhaal, it's surely one of the two, or at least a nod to the original story's creator James Worthington.

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Contributed By: J on 12-01-2001
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Special Requirements: Baldurs Gate II and the Throne of Bhaal Expansion
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Virusgod writes:
the reason that semaj is there, along with angelo and tamoko (also people who you fought in the battle against sarevok at the end of BG1) is because this battle is to show you how you would have been had gorion rescued sarevok from the temple of bhaal as a child instead of the player character. instead of it being sarevok behind all the troubles in Baldurs Gate, it could have been you.
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