Cheers Easter Egg - Go Tigers!

If everyone remembers during season 1 the show was getting clobbered in the ratings. It was on the brink of being canceled. My high school counselor in Versailles,Ohio Don Wick called a radio show and started a campaign to save Cheers. Tens of thousands made calls and wrote letters to the studio to save the show. They relented and decided not to cancel the show. To thank Mr. Wick for starting the campaign go to a lot of the early episodes(end season 1-start of season 2) and when the gang is back in the Pool room look on the chalkboard. It says "GO TIGERS" a reference to the nickname of my high school for the help Mr. Wick did it saving the show. Also NORM/George Wendt came to are yearly festival that summer [Poultry Days] came into the local bars and drank with the patrons. He was also the honorary leader of the festival that year. So thanks to Versailles,Ohio we had CHEERS and now Frasier to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Contributed By: GO TIGERS on 11-07-2001
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Screenshot from season 3 episode 12;
Screenshot from season 3 episode 12; "A Ditch in Time"

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That is so cool! Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but in the later seasons, didn't Norm (George Wendt) work for a boss he called "Mr. Wick"? I thought I remembered something along those lines, or maybe I'm confusing it with another show. :P
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Kap writes:
I can't say for sure if Norm worked for a Mr. Wick, but you may be thinking of the Mr. Wick (Craig Ferguson) character from the Drew Carey Show who is Drew and Mimi's boss at Winfred/Lauder (sp?).
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Carol Vango writes:
In your Cheers comments the 3rd sentence from the end has an error: "are" should be "our" . . . aha an egg egg?
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