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Pretty far into the movie, there is the whole Apple Corp parody, where people take stuff from the building, etc.. Well, that whole scene is narrated on screen by none other than George Harrison. Now, I know, this is not some producer's-name-written-up-side-down-on-nanosecond-frame-on-passing-bus egg, but I'm a big fan of the Beatles, and it took me a few to realize it was him, because I've never saw him act, and I would have never imagined, him being in Python movie, and especially one, that parodies the Beatles in a very non-sensual, and sometimes cruel fashion.

Also, it seems Georgy has a history of co-operating with The Pythons, since I was also informed (by, that he cameod in the life of Brian - now you see!... I saw Life of Brian several times, and never noticed him, so I think this deserves an egg-ed status.

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Contributed By: Motti Perlman on 09-28-2001
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Doomy writes:
Oh, for crying out loud. You are not a proper Python fan if you did not realize Life of Brian had George Harrison in it. Shoot I have books with random LoB photos in it that SHOW George Harrison. And he funded the whole thing (LoB) with Handmade Films after *whatever film company it was, I forget, Universal maybe?* dropped out because he was afraid he'd never get to see a Python film again! As for Rutles, it's not technically a Python film. Yes, it has Eric Idle and sometime-Python Neil Innes in starring roles, but it was created as a spinoff of a skit on Saturday Night Live and produced by Lorne Michaels and featuring numerous SNL people such as Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, etc. Am I being overly picky? Probably. I just felt the need to enlighten the masses. :) (PS: first time I saw AYNIC, FIRST TIME, I said, "Oh hey, it's George Harrison!")
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nadsnaders writes:
The George Harrison/Rutles/Monty Python connection is pretty strong - George's film production company, HandMade Films made Monty Python's The Life of Brian and Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (amongst others - Withnail & I, The Long Good Friday, Time Bandits and Mona Lisa leap out at although I'm fairly sure that they didn't actually make The Rutles movie - at least not in name. In addition, one of the few serious bits of the Rutles film echoes what is generally understood to be George's view at the time - when asked what split the band up, one of the characters replies very quickly "the girls". The question is (I've not seen it for a while) - is it Stig who says that?
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charliehodge writes:
George Harrison is listed in the credits, both in name and picture. Not an egg, sorry! Still, All You Need is Cash is the funniest rock movie of all time.
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calkid writes:
In fact GH formed his production company in order to fund LOB. He did so after Eric and Graham (Chapman I think) Visited him in LA while trying to generate funds for the project which as stated earlier had been dropped by an established Studio.
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