Red Alert 2 Easter Egg - Does Westwood Have an Obsession with Monkeys?

Here are several cases in which Westwood has hidden something to do with monkeys. For the first case, all you need to do is go into XCC Mixer and go to File > Found > Red Alert 2 > ra2.mix, when that opens up, go to isotemp.mix; after that, scroll down and find ctmsc10.shp. Now this is the SHP for the McBurger Kong Structure. Look at the expressions that the gorilla makes. The first one is just a regular gorilla stance; the second which is the damaged state, looks like the gorilla is holding his fingers to his ears because the building is about to blow. and the last one, which is the garrisoned state, makes him look like a Rambo monkey! That was the first incident. The second time is in the ra2.csf file. Open the csf editor, then open the ra2.csf file. Scroll down and find, Name:HVR. This String was used as Hover MLRS in Tiberian Sun, but they changed it to something else in RA2. It now says "Hover Monkey!" The third case is the non-buildable monkey unit in the game. You can make this unit buildable in-game by making an icon for it and editing the art.ini file to show that icon. Then you should open rules.ini and find the entry entitled "JOSH" (without the quotes.) Go to the line that says TechLevel=-1 and change the number to something from 1-10. And then Josh the chimp will be buildable! By the way, I think Josh is the name of one of the producers of Red Alert 2!

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Contributed By: BRADSON1 on 08-22-2001
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Special Requirements: computer, ra2.csf file, csf viewer, XCC Mixer, RA2 game, rules.ini file, and the art.ini file
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JG247 writes:
The unbuildable monkey is not an egg, you encounter it in single player camaigns on certain maps, however it being Josh is an egg, if josh is the name of one of the developers.
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