Max Payne Easter Egg - A Final Level for Master Players (After Completing the Game)

People who finish the game on Dead on Arrival mode will be treated to an extra mini-level. After the normal ending of the game, you will be transported to a fairly large room. There are many painkillers, Colt ammunition, and a full load of Jackhammer shells. You won’t have any of your old weapons, and there are only two Molotov cocktails to use against the groups. An army of suits will rush you from the two sides of the room when you walk forward, and the entire fight will take place in bullet-time. If you can win, the reward in the back of the area is a showcase of pictures that were used for environment creation in the game. There is also a Remedy logo spinning in the air, and a picture of the development team. The only challenge left after this is to beat the Remedy par times for the New York Minute mode. Congratulations.

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Contributed By: Scud on 08-13-2001
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Special Requirements: Any retail version of Max Payne
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The Team The Remedy logo
The Team The Remedy logo

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Snoogens writes:
Actually, I have done this, and it is not easy. After the final fight between all the guys is shows a large picture of the development team. An easy way to do it is to activate developer mode (add -developer at the end of the games command line) Once youve started a game in Dead on Arrival mode press F12 to bring up the console. type in "coder" (without the quotes) to gain god mode, all weapons, and infinite ammo. then type maxpayne_gamemode->gm_init(part3_level7); in the console. this will bring you to the level where your trying to shoot the tower down. Do this, watch the ending, and then it will load "The Final Challenge"
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The_voodoo writes:
It does work I've done it. The final level is really hard though. Lot's of people coming at once!
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evilncarnage writes:
Yes, this egg actually works. I've done it before. I'm not past "Dead on Arrival" yet. But when you are on that difficulty level, go to the console and type in maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( ); This will bring you to the thing he is talking about. It is hard, so I suggest cheat.
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GalFisk writes:
I can try, can't I? Cheating is a way... saving before and after every gunfight, and reloading every time it goes to hell is a way too, you may be extremely lucky the 30th time. The baseball bat is also a great weapon, you can stand behind a door-post and kill people before they can even see you:)
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{KAP}Chipper writes:
nope, this is a real level. Just download a mod with a level selector and viola.
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tom writes:
There are two indentations in the sides of the walls in the "Final Challenge" room. As soon as you run past the edge of the room in which you begin (where you pick up all the weapons and stuff), it goes to slow motion. Run to the left, shooting as you go. Run into the little depression on the left (it's the first spot before the computer things). Wait just a moment, then throw one of the cocktails diagonally at the approaching men. They will run into the fire. More are coming, so soon after the first, throw the second. Make sure to continue shooting once you've dispensed both cocktails...some men may get through and you'll need to waste 'em. Now, what I can't figure out, is what the heck to do after you kill all the men? I went back to the room where all the pictures are hanging...but nothing seems to need doing. Is it over here? Usually there's a fade out to a notice that you've completed something. Please help.
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Brak writes:
I finally made it all the way through the game in D.O.A. without cheating. Took me about an hour and a half to beat the secret finale. I'm not sure, exactly, but I think there were about 20 bad guys all total, 10 from each side of the back corridor. For those of you hoping to make it there without cheating, I should point out that you can't just save after every gun fight, as has been suggested. In D.O.A., you get 7 saves per level, so use them wisely. I would tell you my strategy on surviving the final level, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone. Besides, it's all chaos and luck. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.
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Eben writes:
I killed all those guys in the last level and went into the back room and nothing happened. I thought there would be another level or something.
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AcidTap writes:
Instructions for da technologicly impaired find the icon "little picture" that you click to open the game and right click it "press the right button on your mouse". click properties, and select the shortcut tab "thing that looks like a tab and says shortcut". under "Target" scroll to the very end (even past the quotation marks) add this line: " -developer" including the space at the beginning. once you have done this, at any time during the game you can press F12 and a command promt ">"will show at the bottom, enter any of these codes: coder - God Mode, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, etc. God - God Mode Mortal - Become Mortal ShowFPS - Show FPS NoClip - Fly Mode NoClip_off - No Fly Mode getbullettime - Fill Up When Bullet-Time Runs Out showfps - Show Frame Rate getpainkillers - Get 8 PainKillers c_addhealth ( 100 ) - Add 100 to Health GetAllWeapons - All Weapons GetInfiniteAmmo - Infinite Ammo jump10 - Jump Higher (set to 20 or 30 for even higher) SetWoundedState - Walk as if Wounded SetNormalState - Walk Normally GetBaseballbat - Baseball Bat GetBeretta - Beretta GetBerettaDual (or GetDualBeretta) - Dual Berretas GetDesertEagle - Desert Eagle GetSawedShotgun - Shotgun #1 GetPumpShotgun - Shotgun #2 GetJackhammer - Jackhammer shotgun GetIngram - Ingram GetIngramDual (or GetDualIngram) - Dual Ingrams GetMP5 - MP5 GetColtCommando - Colt Commando GetMolotov - Molotov Cocktail GetGrenade - Grenade GetM79 - M79 GetSniper - Sniper Rifle GetHealth - Health GetPainkillers - Pain Killers GetBulletTime - Fill up Bullet Time Jump10 - Big Jump Jump20 - BigBig Jump Jump30 - BigBigBigJump Inventory - Details of Player Clr - Delete Line Help - List Cheats also if you want to go to any level in the game type in this command: maxpayne_gamemode->gm_init(levelname) where level name is one of the following: part0_level1 part1_level1 part1_level1b part1_level2 part1_level2b part1_level3 part1_level3b part1_level4 part1_level5 part1_level6 part2_level0 part2_level1 part2_level2 part2_level2b part2_level3 part2_level4 part3_level1 part3_level2 part3_level2b part3_level3 part3_level4 part3_level5 part3_level5b part3_level6 part3_level7 keep in mind that any "b" at the end means to add one level! youl figure it out.
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ze writes:
There is no need to type in "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_init(part3_level7);". You only have to type in "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_init(end_combat);". You do not need to play it in "Dead on Arrival" either
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Mr_Stupid writes:
I beat Max Payne on DOA on my Xbox without any codes. It's really hard. It took me about an hour to defeat the final level, but with my strategy I can now beat it in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is collect all supplies, switch to Colt and fire at their heads from a far distance. Then, run back into where you start and throw the two molotov cocktails to block the entrnce. Switch to jackhammer to kill any people that make it through the fire. Voila! You've beat it!
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