Burial of Count Orgaz (El Greco) Easter Egg - Secret Tidbits

In El Greco's painting, The Burial of Count Orgaz, there are a number of eggs. First, there are only 2 people in the painting looking straight [sic?] out of the painting towards the viewer. One is a boy on the far left side of the lower half of the painting (1st row). The seecond is a man directly up and to the left of the Count's body. The boy is a portrait of El Greco's son, and the man is Greco himself. Second, the said boy is pointing a hand towards the body, there is a hand directly above the body, and there is a man directly opposite the boy on the right hand side who is in a black tunic covered by a white gauzy thing. If you draw a lines diectly out of the outstreched fingertip[s] of these hands, the lines will converge upon the Count's heart. What's more, excavation is being done now in the cathedral in Spain where this painting is kept. X-Rays show that theere is a body directly behind the said point near the count's heart! Pretty cool, huh?

Note: I know all of this from first hand experience - just 1 month ago I was in Spain and saw the painting.

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Burial of Count Orgaz (El Greco)
Burial of Count Orgaz (El Greco)

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Mariano writes:
There is also another egg: because the reform, El Greco can not paint dogs, cats or other animals. In the paint he putted a hidden dog. This is in the cloud near the angel who's bringing Orgaz's soul in heaven: look it upside-down, and you will see the eye and the ear... In all his works, El Greco putted a hidden animal (especially dogs...)
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SloneB writes:
Actually the Count of Orgaz was really Don Gonzalo Ruiz. El Greco was not painting about his friend but about a legendary miracle concerning the Count of Orgaz. At the Count's burial supposedly Saints Augustine and Stephen came to help bury the Count after he led a honorable life. The miracle supposedly happened in 1323 and El Greco, or Kyriakos Theotokopoulos (his birth name), was not born until about 1541, over two hundred years later; therefore, they never would have known each other.
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h33 writes:
You can find what you seek at http://www.eurekais.com/brock/orgazpic.htm
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Who is the body of? Is there any way to find out more on this subject?
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Mariano writes:
He was an El Greco's friend. He was Orgaz Land's count, but he was born in El Greco's same city (Greece). When he died in Spain, El Greco painted the picture.
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